Hello there Celeste players!

With visiting other players' capital cities getting enabled again, we can now go ahead and have our Capital City Decoration Contests!

Crassus himself has stepped up and personally funded this contest, being as rich and resourceful as he is.

As you can see in the attached graphic, we will be accepting entries until...
Hello there Celeste players! Here you can find the details of the upcoming Summer Event for this year, going live on July 26th, 00:01 UTC!

This year, we are bringing back most of the fan-favorite content as well from previous years, as well as all-new gear!...

Hello there Celeste players! We are happy to announce that the Aiding Socrates Legendary Quest Pack is finally here! Without any further ado, let's get into the details

Fitting perfectly with the Greek civilization's theme, this is the perfect quest pack for people who are just starting to try Legendary quests, since it contains mostly...

Hello there Celeste players! Today we are continuing to reveal various Indian units and buildings as they roll off the conveyor belt.

Mahout Camp and Elephant Archer

AoEO’s civ design sets the game...
On the night to 30th of June, the random number generator on the Celeste server broke. Players received only vanity gear from quest rewards, and Moe’s gave out only chests that had legendary gear. This is the story of what happened behind the scenes that night, solar flares, and how two things happening at the same time can seriously break stuff.

Behind the Scenes is a technical blog series that goes into what happens "behind the scenes" in project Celeste.

Six Hours of...

Hello there Spartans! As promised in our previous Developer Update Blog, we finally have the biggest Champion Mode overhaul of Age of Empires Online history. This update will change how PvP is played...

"Behind the BANG!" is a new irregular blog series that looks behind the scenes of the game in different aspects.
As with any game, there are some features and mechanics in AOEO that are not used or were never fully implemented. Especially in the beta phase, things were tried that eventually didn't make it into the game. This can have different reasons: Either...

Greetings Celeste players! It's been a while, but we are back with another Developer Blog. This time, we will be showcasing our current and future plans for the game, as well as giving you an update on the Indian Civilization.

Project Celeste Development Roadmap
Hello there Celeste players! We are back with another blog, and this time, we are showing you a quick sneak peek at the upcoming quest pack, Aiding Socrates!

That's right, we will be going back to Athens to find Professor Socrates again. He has recently uncovered pages of an extraordinary Wall that he will be able to build for you, but several pages of...

Hello there Celeste players! We are finally back with another development blog. It's going to be one of the biggest ones yet so get ready to dive in.

Today we are revealing one of the many Elephant units of the Indian civilization, as well as their Fortress, their Silver and Golden Age Town Centers. We are also showing you the gear...
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