Hello there Celeste players! We are back with another Developer Blog. This time, we will be showing you some of the things that we have planned for the near future, alongside our other goals.

You might have heard or seen some of the things mentioned here in our Discord already, but to make sure that everyone is on the same page, we will be posting them all here in this blog post.

So without any further ado, let's get started, shall we?...

Hello there Celeste players! We are back again with another Developer Update blog (it's a big one!).

This time, we are going to spotlight a few of the important changes that are included in this patch.

Stats and Progression Menu
As a new feature exclusive to Project Celeste, we have added a new "Stats and Progression" menu where you can see multiple...

Hello everyone! We are incredibly excited and proud to be able to finally tell you that The Roman Civilization are now available for everyone, completely free!

We are all excited to get into the game and start playing with them alongside you, so let's just have a quick recap of the civilization:

Roman_Utility_Tech_Tree.png ...​

Greetings, Spartans!

In celebration of the release of the Romans, we are also increasing the rewards you get from Sparta Ranked PvP. Check out the graphics below for more accurate details!

1v1 Ranked Match


2v2 Ranked Match

Sparta Quests


End of Season...

Hello there everyone! We're going to be having a lot of announcements today, so let's get started.

Launching with the Roman Civilization is The Celtic Invasion of Rome Legendary Quest Pack. Much like the Treasures of the Nile, this Quest Pack is available only to Level 40 civilizations. This pack will be available after today's update.

You can play this Quest Pack with all of your Level 40 civilizations, not just...

(Andy's note: I've been working with PF2K on the Romans since 2018, and even I have had all sorts of questions over the years about how we were going to pull this off. PF2K has always had the answer. Before I let him speak, I want to say a few words:

In the last two years he and I have discussed this Romans project every day around the clock. Even though I have a separate career, I have worked more closely with him than any other person during...

Now that the Romans are being released, we want to give you all a chance to hear from some of the volunteer developers. Today, we are speaking with two of the Lead Developers of Project Celeste, as well as the Server Engineer.

Kevsoft: Hello everyone, my name is Kevin, a young programmer from Austria who has been modding games for almost a decade. My journey...

Now that the Romans are being released, we want to give you all a chance to hear from some of the volunteer developers. We previously interviewed the 3d Design team, which you can read here. Today, we are speaking with many of the people behind the Music, Vocals and the Overview Trailer of the Romans....
Hello there Celeste players! We are proud to present to you the Overview Trailer for the Roman Civilization!

We will be launching the Romans on March 15th, 2021.

Roma Invicta.

Hey there fellow Celeste players. The time is finally upon us. THE ROMANS ARE COMING!!!

We're all incredibly excited to announce that we have finally made the Roman civilization ready for you all to enjoy. Find more details below:


Quick Civilization Recap
Nearly all the information you will find below has been explained in great detail in the...
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