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    Greetings Celeste players! It's been a while, but we are back with another Developer Blog! We will go over the recently released Quest Rotation System, an overview of the most recent Advisor Reworks and Changes, several changes to units in PvE, and will have a quick sneak peek at the upcoming Gear Dismantler feature, which will be going live alongside Legendary Materials!
    Quest Rotation System

    This system is aimed to encourage players to play the less popular quests more often by increasing their rewards substantially. You can find more details about this system in this video:


    Advisor Reworks and Changes
    With the help of the community, we have come up with a TON of changes and reworks to several Advisors across the span of 4 different streams (on my Twitch channel - PF2K). You can find the details of these changes below. Thanks to everyone who helped!
    • Odysseus: Additional Effect -> Barracks, Castellums and their units cost 10% less
    • Lucky Lookout Leucon: Rework -> Scouts move 40/34/27/20% faster, are 200/170/140/110% more resistant to pierce damage and have 50/40/30/20% more health, Watch Posts and Outposts cost 75/65/55/45% less
    • Prince Niall Muighmedon: Buff and Additional Effect -> Storehouses and Ox Carts cost 75/65/55/45% less, build/train in 50/40/30/20% less time and research upgrades 75/65/55/45% faster
    • Rockhound Erastos: Buff -> Villagers gather Stone 25/20/15/10% faster from Stone Mines, carry 50/40/30/20% more and have 100/85/70/55% conservation
    • Net Maker Aapep: Buff -> Villagers gather Food 15/12/9/6% faster from fish, berry bushes, and huntable animals and have 40/34/27/20% conservation
    • Infantry Sergeant Herakleides: Buff -> Infantry units cost 15/12/9/6% less and train in 15/12/9/6% less time
    • Archer Sergeant Timon: Buff -> Ranged units cost 20/16/12/8% less and train in 20/16/12/8% less time
    • Cavalry Sergeant Hermolaos: Buff -> Cavalry units cost 15/12/9/6% less and train in 15/12/9/6% less time
    • Lord Eochaid Muighmedon: Rework -> All units and upgrades cost 20/16/12/8% less Gold
    • Villager Elder: Rework -> Villagers train in 20% less time
    • Herbal Healer Hyginus: Buff -> Infantry units regenerate 3/2.75/2.5/2.25 health every second
    • Engineer Cyric: New Effect -> Buildings are 40/34/27/20% more resistant to crush and bonus damage and have 20/16/12/8% more health
    • Royal Treasurer Bardiya: Buff -> Buildings build in 60/50/40/30% less time but cost 12/10/8/6% more
    • Queen Cartimandua: Additional Effect -> Druids and Augurs train in 40/34/27/20% less time, have 40/34/27/20% more health, move 30/25/20/15% faster and heal 30/25/20/15% farther
    • Camel Rider Userhet: Rework -> Camel Riders deal 30/25/20/15% more damage, deal 30/25/20/15% bonus damage against cavalry units and have 30/25/20/15% more health
    • Berosus the Wise: Buff -> Ziggurats cost 50/40/30/20% less, train Priests and research upgrades 50/40/30/20% faster
    • Harjar Commander Havard: Rework -> Harjars are 35/30/25/20% more resistant to pierce, crush and splash damage
    • King Bathanatos: Guard Towers attack 15/12/9/6% faster and can be upgraded two additional times, Walls can be upgraded an additional time
    • Gladius The Glorious: Rework -> All military units cost 30/25/20/15% less Food and Wood
    • Engineer Farzana: Rework -> Siege Towers attack 50/40/30/20% faster, deal 50/40/30/20% more damage and have +1 Area Damage when using their Ranged Attack
    • Camel Whisperer Hathor: Rework -> Cavalry units deal 15/12/9/6% bonus damage against Siege and Ranged units and are 15/12/9/6% more resistant to pierce and crush damage
    • Engineer Ligeia: Rework -> Siege units cost 25/20/15/10% less and move 15/12/9/6% faster
    • Senior Mason Stephanos: New Effect -> Town Centers, Guard Towers and Fortresses cost 30/25/20/15% less
    • General Ahapitep: New Effect -> Priest units train in 25% less time, cost 25% less and move 20% faster
    • Castle Builder Sostrate: Buff -> Fortresses build in 40/34/27/20% less time and cost 20/16/12/8% less
    • Commander Bolgios: Buff -> Guard Towers build in 40/34/27/20% less time and cost 20/16/12/8% less
    • Explorer Pytheas: Buff -> All ships cost 25/20/15/10% less and move 20/16/12/8% faster
    • King Agamemnon: Buff -> All Military units have 5% more health and deal 5% more damage
    • Battlemaster Theokoles: Buff -> Infantry units have 15/12/9/6% more health
    • Architect Tycho: Buff -> Wonders cost 75/65/55/45% less and build in 75/65/55/45% less time
    • Riding Instructor Solon: Buff -> Hippikons gain a 20/16/12/8% chance to deal a critical strike
    • Leather-Worker Ptolemais: Rework -> Toxotai and Gastraphetes ignore 8/7/6/5% of the enemy's armor and are 100/85/70/55% more resistant to splash damage
    • Sekhet's Elephant Whisperer: Buff -> Elephant Archers cost 30/25/20/15% less and attack 30/25/20/15% faster
    • Warlord Vercingetorix: Rework -> All Celtic units deal 25/20/15/10% more of their base bonus damage
    • Mark Antony: Buff -> Gallic Horsemen deal 20/16/12/8% more damage and train in 10/8/6/4% less time
    • Siege Engineer Vitruvius: Rework -> Scorpios attack 25/20/15/10% faster and deal 25/20/15/10% more damage
    • General Zu: Buff -> Royal Guards are 40/34/27/20% more resistant to bonus damage and cost 25/20/15/10% less
    • Grand Chef Bjorn: Buff -> Spearmen and Throwing Axemen have 20/16/12/8% more health and deal 20/16/12/8% more damage
    • Shield-Maiden Ingrid: Rework -> Raiders deal 20/16/12/8% more damage, have 20/16/12/8% more health and gain a 20/16/12/8% chance to deal a critical strike
    • King Theode: Rework -> Chief has 50/40/30/20% more health, regenerates 15.0/12.0/9.0/6.0 health every second and grants an additional 15%/12%/9%/6% health to nearby friendly units
    • Chariot Rider Sargon: Nerf -> War Chariots and Chariot Archers attack 30% faster and farther, War Chariots gain +1 Area Damage
    • Rostam, Guardian of the Land: Rework -> Asabara have 20% more health and deal 20% more damage, Mounted Archers attack 30% faster and attack and see 30% farther
    • Aristocrat Apollonius: Additional Effect -> Cavalry units have 15% more health, attack 15% faster and are 20% more resistant to pierce damage, Sarissophoroi deal 100% more damage and can attack 100% farther
    • Khepri's Coin Curator: Buff -> Changes War Elephants' cost to all Gold, but increases their health by 12% and reduces their train time and movement speed by 10%
    • Prince Sesostris: Buff -> Priests of Ptah convert units 50% faster and from 50% farther, Priests of Set inflict Chaos in an area, Temples of Set and Ptah cost 50% less
    • Sobek's Spear Sharpener: Buff -> Spearmen, Axemen and Slingers have 60% more Health, train in 30% less time and move 30% faster
    • War Chief Comontorios: Buff -> Horsemen and Carpentoms deal 30% more damage, have 30% more health and deal 60% bonus damage against buildings
    • Pompey The Great: Buff -> All Military units are 30% more resistant to bonus damage and deal 10% more damage
    • Horselord Finnulfr: Nerf -> Horsemen cost one less population, have 20% more health and deal 30% bonus damage against buildings
    • War Leader Beorix: Nerf -> Berserkers cost 10% less, move 10% faster and have 10% more health
    • Makru the Mad Median: Rework -> Shield Bearers have 50/40/30/20% more health and deal 50/40/30/20% bonus damage against buildings, Bowmen deal 75/65/55/45% more damage
    • Commander Esfandiyar: Rework -> Kayanid Bloodline: Now grants 25% Health and 25% Bonus Damage Protection, from 50% Bonus Damage Protection
    PvE Balance Changes
    • Sacred Deer: Now has 200 Food, from 250.
    • Several anti-Ranged Ranged units changed:
      • Greek Peltast: Attack Range increased to 20, from 12.
      • Egyptian Slinger: Attack Range increased to 20, from 18.
      • Celtic Slinger: Attack Range increased to 20, from 15.
      • Persian Takabara: Attack Range increased to 20, from 15.
      • Babylonian Slinger: Attack Range increased to 20, from 18.
      • Norse Skirmisher: Attack Range increased to 20, from 18.
    Dev comment: We have already changed these units' range in Champion Mode, and that has significantly improved these units. Based on community feedback, we are also bringing these changes to PvE.
    • Ram-type units' cost changed:
      • Greek Battering Ram: Cost changed to 150w/60g, from 250w/80g.
      • Egyptian Siege Tower: Cost changed to 200w/80g, from 260w/210g.
      • Celtic Ram: Cost changed to 50f/120w, from 150w/20g.
      • Persian Battering Ram: Cost changed to 150w/60g, from 250w/80g.
      • Roman Battering Ram: Cost changed to 150w/60g, from 250w/80g.
      • Babylonian Siege Tower: Cost changed to 240w/80g, from 300w/100g.
    Dev comment: Similar to anti-ranged ranged units, we are making some changes to Ram-type units so that they are more similar to their Champion Mode stats. This change will make Rams far more affordable and usable for players, without affecting how strong they are, especially considering that these changes also affect the AI. Looking at you, annoying little Ram in Paphos!
    • Babylonian War Chariot: DPS increased to 32, from 20. Bonus vs Ranged increased to 5.0x, from 4,0x. Maximum Range increased to 20, from 18. Line-of-sight increased to 22, from 20. Hitpoints reduced to 575, from 800. Pierce Armor increased to 0.50, from 0.
    Dev comment: The Babylonian War Chariot is meant to be a tanky, low DPS, high health unit that slowly whittles down its targets and outlasts them in battle. However, we felt that this design has been forced onto the unit a bit too much, so we are making some adjustments to keep this design, but make it a bit less extreme.
    • Babylonian Royal Guard Champion: Bonus vs Buildings debuff reduced to -25%, from -50%.
    Dev comment: While Royal Guards become absolute beasts after their champion upgrade, getting a gigantic DPS buff, we felt that the debuff they get vs Buildings makes them a little weak in Quests, particularly Legendary Quests. So we are reducing the amount of debuff (to match Champion Mode).
    • Persian Cataphract: Melee-Infantry Armor increased to 0.40, from 0.30. Bonus vs Siege increased to 2.5x, from 2.0x.
    Dev comment: Whereas Asabara are the generalist Cavalry unit of the Persians, the Cataphracts are specialized tanky anti-Siege and anti-Infantry units. This change aims to push them a bit more in that direction.

    Gear Dismantler and Legendary Materials
    The Gear Dismantler is an effort to make more use of the "useless" Legendary gear that players find in their quests by allowing them to dismantle them into different materials. You might have seen similar features in RPG games (such as the Salvage mechanic in Diablo).

    We also feel like Crafting is something that hasn't gotten the love it deserves by the original developers, so we are adding Legendary Materials to the game that will launch with the Gear Dismantler.

    Initially, these materials will only be available by dismantling Legendary Gear, but we are planning to also release their crafting recipes eventually, allowing players to produce them in their workshops.

    These materials will then later be used for New Craftable Legendary Gear, Consumables, Blueprints, and more. Stay tuned for more details!

    We expect to release this feature very soon. Check our Discord for the most up-to-date news.

    This picture has nothing to do with the blog, but I have recently gotten a hamster and I wanted to show her to you guys :)

    Thanks for reading, and we look forward to revealing more of the Indians again shortly as we pick up the pace. Please let us know your thoughts and questions below!

    All current and future content will stay 100% free and accessible to everyone.

    Project Celeste Development Team

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    The Romans are here! Watch the Overview Trailer.

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