Hello Everyone! We are pleased to announce that we are on track to be releasing an awful lot of new content in 2019. We hope to see a few new things within a week, and before we make any announcements, we think it is a good time to provide a summary of everything we have added to Age of Empires Online since Project Celeste began....

Hello there Celeste players! The Winter Event is finally upon us and it is the biggest Event we've had in Project Celeste so far!

To access the event, go to your Empire Store in your Capital City and find all the new quests for the event. Alternatively, you can access the Event content by going to Sparta. More detailed instructions below.

You can find every...

Today we are going to spend some more time with the Indians in Age 2. The Indians are designed to spike around Age 3, and to do so, they need a powerful Age 2 to get them into position.

Age 2 Analysis
By Age 2, AoEO civs have on average about 11 units. There are about 7 shared units -- five basic units (Villager,...

Hello there Celeste players! We are back with another Dev Blog.

This time, we will be having a look at some of the new additions to the game with tomorrow's patch!

New Legendary Global Quest: Ashoka's Edicts

Rather than fully describe a few specific units or buildings, this time we want to zoom out and discuss our approach to a general aspect of the Indians civilization – religion

Part 1: Considerations specific to the Indians
Religion is a large consideration in Age of Empires Online civ design....

After racing towards Pataliputra this spring, we ran into a slow patch this summer, but we’ve caught our breath and are back in gear.

Broadly speaking, we have most of our 3D models for buildings and have turned our eyes onto the complex world of units. To give you some perspective, for every Indian building in the game (including Capital City buildings and...

Hello there Celeste players! The Halloween Event is finally upon us!. (Well, ALMOST!)

Once the Event starts (00:01 UTC 2021/10/23), go to your Empire Store in your Capital City and find all the new quests for the event.

You can find every detail regarding what's new in the event in the attached graphics! We hope that you all have lots of...

Hello there Celeste players! The Halloween Event for this year is almost upon us and we would like to show you a quick preview of what's headed your way this October 23rd!

New Legendary Quests

Hello there Celeste players! We are happy to announce that the Rostam in Zabol content pack is finally here! Without any further ado, let's get into the details:

How to Access the Content Pack
While this content pack has quests for players of all skill levels, not just Legendary Quests, you still need to be level 40 to access it. It is...

Since we are between seasonal events, we'd like to update you on the Indians. Our team is just large enough now to allow one group to work on the events without having to distract those working on our new civilization. In the last couple of months, our 3D and 2D teams have continued to work through their lists, though at an admittedly slower pace (travel, real life issues, and various other stuff have slowed us -- both Hans and...
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