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    Hey there everyone!

    It has been a while since our last Indian civilization update - but don't worry, we are still working on them!

    In the meantime, here is a quick sneak peek into their music, made once again by WeRFury. Here's a message from him:

    Hello guys, I'm so happy to finally release one song from the soundtrack that I've preparing for you for more than a year. This is the first song that I decided to show you guys - just a piece of what you will see with the Indians, which will bring you Age of Empires Online on another level. More tracks are coming soon!

    Here is the link to the song that he's uploaded to his YouTube channel, so go ahead and show him some support:

    This is our last update on the Indians for this year, but we leave you with this song as a final gift for the year and we will have more to share soon. Happy holidays and we wish you all a great new year!
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Discussion in 'Indians' started by PF2K, Dec 24, 2022.

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