• Fix issue with Sparta and Crete ranking.
  • Fix issue where the Winter Event 2017 rewards was not distributed like excepted.
  • Fix several issue with new quest pack "Cyprus The Great".

[Require Celeste Launcher v2.0.3.0 at least]
  • Hypaspists: Movement speed increased to 7, from 6. Bonus movement speed removed from Hypaspist Champion
  • War Elephant: Pierce Armor reduced to 0.35, from 0.4.
  • Spearman Champion: Now only reduces Spearmen's gold cost by 50%, from 100%
  • Axeman Champion: Hitpoints increased to 195, from 185. HP buff from axeman champion reduced to 10%, from 25%. Still grants 15% dps and +1 Splash
New Features:
  • "Cyprus The Great" the first quest pack from "@game dev", with 4 new solo quest (3 legendary). Until test are complete for this quest pack it will be only available to "Champion Supporter" (avg 1 to 2 week).
  • PvP Leaderboard season are now automated, their duration will be 6 week.
  • Crete Leaderboard season have been added, their duration will be 12 week....
New Features:
  • "Global Market Place" has been enabled (it never was in "original" game).
  • You can now visit other players city.
  • Dynamic load screen ("Sparta xLive" only).
  • In game friends list ("Sparta xLive" only).
  • Empire consumable cost increase (and also you now get 3 items instead of 5).
  • Priest Of Empires have been nerfed (convert rate is now 3 instead of 1).
  • The "Character...
Hello there everyone! I'm pretty excited to share with you our all-new civilization-specific Advisors, available ONLY in Celeste! From now on, Persians, Babylonians and Norse have some Advisors all for themselves. Check them out below!

Announcement Set 2 - Norse.jpg Announcement Set 2 - Persians.jpg
You can find these Advisors in the same place as you find other Advisors, which is in basically every loot chest! Good luck and happy hunting :)
Hello there everyone!

With Sparta coming back and also the ESOC Spartan Wars 2018 tournament being underway, I thought this is a good time for me to write up some guides on the maps that you will see played on the Sparta Ranked ladder/the tournament.

Each map guide contains general info about that map, player spawn locations and a few map-specific tips.

Thanks to cG_Eery and cG_Carnage for helping me with some parts of the guide(s)!

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the guides...
Bug Fix:
  • Fix issue where PvP stats was not always registered for all players of the game.


  • Pierce Armor increased to 0.30, from 0.20.
> Balance Team's Comment: Hoplites have been outshined by other Greek units and haven't seen much play. This change should make them more survivable against Ranged balls and let them hold their own as the main frontline of the Age 3 Greek army.
[COLOR=rgb(0, 128,...
Hey there PvP'ers! The ESOC Spartan Wars 2018 tournament has begun! You can find the brackets and all other related info here:

Remember, all games will be streamed on...
Hi all!

Once again we're asking for your opinion with a quick (and mostly optional!) survey. Please give us a few minutes out of your day to help inform us of what how you would like to see this project shape out.
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