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Offline Mode
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Offline Mode

  • Offline Mode is the place where everyone can create custom offline Scenarios and share them with the world.
  • Offline Scenarios do not require any internet connection to be played. Once downloaded, you will always be able to play them.
  • Offline Scenarios do not support Gear, leveling or similar RPG aspects of the standard online gameplay and can only be played alone.
  • If you create good scenarios, you can become part of our development team to develop official quests.
  • If you are interested in Scenario creation, we have linked basic guides at the end of this page.
Starting Offline Mode

To begin playing or creating a custom offline scenario, you must first start Offline Mode.
To do that, start the Celeste Launcher, and then click the "Play Offline" button which is visible if you are not logged in. Additionally, you can click the "tools" button and start Offline Mode from there while logged in.

How to use Offline Mode

The first thing Offline Mode will greet you with is the following menu:


This might be a bit confusing so I will describe everything you can see here.​
  • "Scenarios": This is the list of offline scenarios you have added to the game. Only added scenarios can be played or edited.
  • "Add Scenario": This button is used to add a scenario file. Alternatively, you can manually drag your scenario file into the correct folder.
  • "Show Folder": This opens the folder where scenarios are saved. Scenarios are saved in the path "My Documents/Spartan/Scenario". Additionally, you can access the folder by going to "game folder/Scenario/CustomScn" [Game Folder is refering to the path where you have installed the game]
  • "Editor State": Shows if the editor is up to date or outdated. You can hold your mouse over it for more information
  • "Install": Use this button to install/update the editor. This is not required if you are only interested in playing scenarios.
  • "Play Scenarios": This starts offline play mode, where you can play the scenarios you have added. You will find the scenarios in-game in "scenario/CustomScn"
  • "Download Scenarios": This will open the Custom Scenario Resources page, where you can download and upload custom scenarios.
  • "Help": This will open the exact text you are reading right now.
  • "Scenario Editor": This will start the editor.
Map Creation Tutorials
If you are interested in creating your own maps, we would recommend that you check the basic editor and trigger guides here.
For more tutorials and guides, feel free to check the Custom Scenario Tutorials forum, where everyone can post their own tutorials.

Downloading/Uploading Scenarios
You can find all available custom Scenarios in the Custom Scenario Resources page.
You can upload your own scenarios by clicking the green "Add Resource" button at the top right.​

We are very happy that you are interested in offline scenarios and we would love to help you where possible! Feel free to join the Project Celeste discord server. You can find us and other map creators in the #offline-mode channel.

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