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    Hello there Celeste players! We are back with another Roman reveal blog.

    As we develop the Romans, each week we will be revealing the Romans to you building by building, unit by unit, and technology by technology. We are not just showing you what the Romans will be, but showing you how we are building them, who is building them, and also why we are building them the way that we are.

    This week, we will be revealing our Scout and Watch Post as well as the Age 2 version of our Town Center.

    Town Center (Age II)
    We revealed last week that the Town Center will be an Improved Building. Though that Improvement will be available to players by Age 2, but we are not going to show it to you yet.

    As you may have noticed, the Town Centers' colors change slightly depending on which age you are in. In the case of Age II, the Bronze Age, you can see that the column tops (and the eagle on the rooftop) change their color from Copper (Age I being the Copper Age) to Bronze. You can expect the same pattern in the Age III (Silver Age) and Age IV (Golden Age) TCs!


    We will, however, show you how the Town Center will look in Age 2. As the Town Center is a single building with four separate models, it is a bit easier to judge when you can put the versions together.

    Scout and Watch Post


    As discussed in more detail in our Building Design Blog, the Watch Post and Town Center are two of the 13 Common Buildings that every Age of Empires Online civilization share.

    As discussed in the blog, the game already includes an Advanced version of the Watch Post: the Norse Outpost. That was our first big clue that the Roman Watch Post was likely to remain a simple Common Building. Our second big clue was the concept art, which looks like a standard Watch Post.

    Similarly, the concept art for the Scout also looks very standard. As we gathered that the Romans were designed to be more of a booming civ than a rushing civ, it makes sense from a design perspective for its Watch Post and Scout to be pretty standard.

    Here's a preview of the Roman Scout with Legendary Gear (Sword and Helmet):


    Finally, historically, the Romans were known for a lot of things, but good scouting was certainly not of them. They were ambushed several times in well-known battles in the Second Punic War and during Caesar’s invasion of Gaul. In Gaul, something like 30,000 Celts ambushed the Romans while they were hanging around chopping wood at camp. How do you not see a city worth of people hiding in the bushes? We made sure to follow the concept art closely for our Scout and especially wanted to include the horse’s laurel, which is just so wonderfully Roman.

    Let's take a look at all civs' Watch Posts and Scouts together now, shall we?

    Now that we have revealed most of the "Basic" structures of the Romans, it's about time we start revealing more of their unique Buildings.

    The way Roman military buildings are categorized are not based on the Unit type they train, but rather the military ranking and the origin of the unit. We already revealed the Castellum which trains the regular/standard "Roman" military units. The next military building in Romans' arsenal would be the Auxilia Camp, which trains units recruited from nearby territories neighboring the Roman Empire. This building will be revealed in next week's blog, but we will leave the 2nd reveal up to you guys!​

    And, of course, here is an updated photo of our slowly-revealed Roman base:

    Thank you for reading, and we will see you all next week!

    Project Celeste Development Team

    What do you think about Roman Age 2 Town Centers, Scouts and Watch Posts? What would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

    Missed the Roman Civilization's announcement? Find out about it HERE.

    Project Celeste is completely free and always will be. However, we gladly accept donations for our overhead costs, which are larger than we have budgeted. If you want to support us, you can do so HERE.

    Read every Romans related blog HERE.

    Tell your friends! Join our Discord HERE.
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Apart from the Auxilia Camp, what Building would you like to see next?

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