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    Hello there everyone! We are really excited to tell you that the Realms of the World Quest Pack is finally upon us!

    As the biggest expansion pack ever to be added to Project Celeste, this update brings more than 15 new Quests, an entirely new region, 6 Legendary gear and an all-new Store, selling all-new gear and Celeste-exclusive Advisors!

    Battle the servants of the Evil High Priest of Loder in over 15 new Quests. Available for solo and co-op play, these Quests offer brand new maps with an all new and refreshing look! Who are the servants of the Evil High Priest of Loder, you say? Well, there's a lot of them! But they wouldn't be called servants if they had no masters! Check them out here:

    • Agnar, the Legendary Longbowman: With unmatched aim and precision, he lays waste to his opponents from a very long distance.
    • Mannfall, the War Chief: Harnessing incredible strength, he boosts the health of his soldiers, so killing him is your number one priority when you see him on the field.
    • Heimdal, the Axecleaver: Overwhelming his foes with twin axes, he is a fearsome whirlwind of death who will charge at his opponents. Take great care when taking him down!
    • The High Priest of Loder: The leader of the army. Incredibly hard to kill, he swiftly converts your soldiers to his cause. Kill him quickly, or you risk losing your entire army to this evil servant of Loder.
    In one of the early Quests in the pack, you will play in the Sea Battle. Here you will find Sessrúmnir, the Legendary Norse ship. With both fire and siege attacks, it poses a huge threat to your navy. Defeating this Legendary ship will not be easy as it is not only heavily armored itself, but it is also surrounded by other ships guarding it.


    - How do I access the new pack?
    First, you need to be level 30. Once you reach level 30, you can find the pack's first Quest available at Marcus Pollux:

    Then find "Rumors in the North":

    Once you accept that quest, follow the on-screen instructions to make your way to the Northern Hold and start playing the pack!

    Note: The new region will be available after reaching level 30 and playing the introduction quests, much similar to Argos becoming available after reaching level 20 and completing "Emissary to Argos". Once you do, you can access it by following the steps in the following pictures:
    - Are there Legendary Quests in this pack?
    Yes! Once you finish the story line, several of the Quests will become available as Legendary Quests, with the rest being available as Elite(or Regular) Quests.

    - Where is the new shop, what does it have and how do I access it?
    It is inside the new region, The Well of Urd. It is designed to help players who are leveling up from levels 30 to 40 get access to new Rare and Epic gear. Additionally, you will find a few Celeste-exclusive Advisors to help you get started. There is some pretty sweet stuff in there! To access it, you will need to have access to the Well of Urd, which is achieved by completing the introduction Quests of the pack.

    - Are there any new Legendary Gears included in this pack?
    Yes! There are 6 new pieces of Legendary Gear added:
    We are very excited to be able to bring this new content to you guys. This pack has been through multiple tests by our team, but obviously there will be minor errors still left unfixed. If you find any of them, we would like you to kindly post about them in our Bug Reports section! We also want to hear your feedback on the general difficulty level of the Quests. You can give us your feedback either via our Discord Server or in the PvE General Discussion forums here.

    What do you think about the Realms of the World Quest Pack? Let us know in the comments below!

    Thanks, and see you in the game!

    - Celeste Development Team

    Edit: People have asked us who the main people working on this pack were. Please find attached a list of Credits as gathered by Andy P XIII

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