The new 6 legendary items

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    Here are the base stats for the new items, I got them from the game files and it's possible I made mistakes so please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere.

    Ullr's All-Seeing Bow (Bow)
    Damage: +40.6%
    LOS: +11.7%
    This bow is not a "regular" drop but a reward for completing the new quest pack, so it will always have these base stats.

    Heimdall's Training Sword (Soldier Gear)
    Training Time: -15.4%

    Gerda's Gardening Essentials (Laborer Gear)

    Cost: -9.1%

    Hadad's Remarkable Hull (Boat Gear)
    Cost: +23.03%
    Damage: +18.08%
    Health: +18.08%

    Tyr's Mithril Breastplate (Medium Armor)
    Health: +58.01%
    Melee-Infantry Armor: +17.37%
    Maximum Range: +9.8%

    Great Walls of Kronos (Walls)

    Damage: +13.99%
    Health: +68%
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