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Discussion in 'PvE Tips & Tutorials' started by smileyguyx, Mar 13, 2018.


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  1. smileyguyx

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    Dec 25, 2017
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    Just started Age of Empires Online, or returning after its unfortunate shut down? This one stop guide will help you enjoy the AoEO PvE experience! New players continue reading, and experienced or returning players can skip to part 2.

    Part 1 - Complete Beginner
    • You can navigate between different areas by going to the Quest Map p3nLII4.png
    • Here are some quick descriptions of each civ.
    • Greek, Egypt and Celt - follow the quests that start from your capital city (which should bring you to around 20. The other civs start at 20). Argus (20-30) and Cyprus (30-40, beginning with Defense of Arsinole in your Capital) have legendary quests which you have to complete a chain of quests so you might want to complete them as you level up. Of course, explore the other zones as well!
    • Legendary Quests appear at Level 40
    • You can share one Milestone from each civ to a civ (thus a maximum of 5 extra milestone bonuses), and change them at your leisure (so the Greek level 5 milestone for the Greek level 10 milestone). You can reset, but for 1000 EP.
    • Kill guardians (marked by "?" on the minimap)
      and right click the camp to earn extra chests. Timers stop after quest completion, so you can wait till then.
    • Caravans and Merchant Transports give more gold the more distance they travel, capping at 150/300 per trip, receptively. In addition, they trade for 50% more when sent to an ally Town Center/Dock (gather the same gold, in a shorter trip).
    • You can check a unit's statistics using the tech tree or in game by hovering your mouse over its portrait. Of note, for villagers, notice that huntables (like deer) have a higher rate than berries, fishing and farms!
    • Alt click to put units inside something (eg villagers into town center or units onto a transport)
    • If you experience problems connecting with other players, try opening your ports. There is a guide on Celeste's reddit about how to do so. If that doesn't work, try asking in the #help channel on discord.
    • Start workshops for materials (8 normal, 2 rare). You can sell them to other players for coin, or trade for some Empire Points. You can shift click to split into smaller stacks.
      • The only unique crafting school is Metalworking (Celt).
    • Gear can help if you're struggling before Level 40, but playing better will have a larger impact.
    • You can have 4 additional storage buildings (you start with one that you can't remove) and a maximum of 240 Empire Vault slots.
    • Delphi Limestone is from a Greek only quest in Mycane, Giza Limestone from Egypt in Nubian Expeditian and Celtic Charcoal from a Celt only quest in Massalia.
    • You can move your Capital City buildings, or pack them back into blueprints (icons under the Empire Points).
    • General chat can be accessed by /general or /1. Trade is /trade or /10. You can link your item into Trade or Whisper chat by shift clicking. To join a channel, right click on the tab -> Options -> tick Trade -> Apply. You'll now be able to see and contribute to the Trade channel.
      There are also some channels reserved for other languages.
    • You can sell items to a vendor by opening the shop then right clicking your item. A max history of one item will be stored in the Undo Sell box.
    • At 40, you will have enough points to unlock all tech in your tree
    • Alliance War (Delos, Carthage or Farafra Oasis) quests are good for starters (New Pharaoh's Challenge gives lots of EP for how quickly you can complete it). Elite: Lots of Rogues from Argus is also quick. Spearmen/Skirmish Rushes are also a good way to get lots of chests (more for advisers than gear).
      • Once you have a couple of items, you can tag along with a more experienced player for Legendary Soloi/Paphos/Marion for higher quality chests.

    • Repeatable Quests are tied to the civilization. So you could do six sets of Lots of Rogues, one for each civ
    • Crete Rankings takes your highest score. You get extra points for clearing waves quicker.
    • I run competitions and challenges. Check this section, maybe win something, but definitely have some fun! I also appear in chat, with minigames to be played.

    Part 2 - Experienced Player
    • Empire Points are obtained by completing some quests (instead of buying with real money or Alliance Point conversion). Most level 40 quests offer Empire Points.
    • You don't join an Alliance, rather you are part of all three and Alliance Quests just have triple the timer.
    • You can obtain Sparta and Crete Points from their respective activities and redeem for items
    • The Empire Store will offer two random Legendary Items on weekends. You'll especially want the Master Assassin's Gauntlets (more value per population) and the Blessed Hammer of Construction or the Hammer of Kaveh (arguably better).
    • You can buy certain crafting materials from the Sparta and Cyprus NPCs. Otherwise you must obtain them from other players.
    • There is a marketplace for trading items.
      When your item is sold, click on it to cash out. Trade channel often offers better deals, if you're patient.
    • There is original content, not in the original, added by the developers of the Celeste Project! Items, advisors and whole new areas for experienced players such as Athens!
    • Currently the only way to add friends is through the launcher, under friends.
    • If you complete a quest without having it in your quest log, it might not register as completed. Re-logging usually fixes this issue.
    Any feedback is welcome!
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  3. bbgambini

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    *Once you equip a gear item you can not trade it or send it to another civ/player.
    *Once you add an Advisor Card to your civ, you can not remove it.
    *You can donate materials for EP in the cities of Delos, Carthage and Farafra Oasis.
    *Legendary shop items are very expensive and often not the best.
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    @smileyguyx thx a lot for ur work.. Good Job man!
    @bbgambini true points.. thx. Hope the Bosses change them.
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