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    Hello there Celeste players! It's me and I'm back again with another Developer Update blog. Did you miss me yet?

    Here, we are going to spotlight a few of the important changes that are coming in the next patch, alongside some updates about the Roman Civilization and also the Summer Event for this year.

    Quality of Life Changes and Bug Fixes
    This is something that has been a point of confusion for many new players. The Celts are the only civilization that have access to a crafting school exclusive to them. This makes it so that players would ideally want to have this crafting school alongside one more, since each civilization can learn up to a maximum of 2 crafting schools.

    This change aims to help reduce this confusion and to better guide players towards making their crafting school choices.

    (PF2K's Personal Note: I'm really excited about this change! It's a pretty annoying bug but now it's gone. That pesky little dear in Paphos will never stop you from making a gate again!)
    An annoyance left over from the original game, whenever there is a unit standing right next to a long wall piece, it makes it so that you cannot transform that wall piece into a gate. Sometimes, this is your own unit, sometimes it's an enemy unit and sometimes it's a gaia animal. Either way, this annoying bug is now fixed and starting from the next update, nothing will prevent the transformation of long wall pieces into gates. (Except players being unable to afford the transformation, which is 50 wood.)

    Norse War Dogs count as "Huntable" units in the in-game tooltips, however, inside the game code itself, the unit is named (by the original developers) so that it looks similar to cavalry units. (Example: Pe_Cav_Cataphract being the Persian Cataphract, and Norse War Dogs are named No_Cav_WarDog).

    This makes it so that the code that handles optional objectives count War Dogs as cavalry type units and therefore leads to the "Train No Cavalry" optional objective failing when players train these units.

    This has historically lead to a lot of player confusion (and frustration), especially since they have no way of knowing why it happens.

    Starting next patch, this will no longer be the case.

    (PF2K's Personal Note: one of the original developers actually left a comment in the game files saying that "Norse War Dogs are potentially a problem, may need review". Presumably, the game's development stopped before they were able to identify and fix this issue.)

    Updates on the Romans
    As you can see, we are well underway with our progress towards releasing the Roman civilization, but we still need more time to finish everything up.

    We are looking for help especially on the Music department. If you or anyone you know can help with this, please hit me up! (Either here or on Discord).

    The graphic above says it all, but in order to have another quick review of what is to come for the Romans, here are a few reminders and updates:


    Update on the Summer Event 2020
    Here's a quick update on the upcoming Summer Event:

    Last year, we saw 6 new event-exclusive Gear items, alongside new Vanity Gear, Capital City Decorations, Consumables, Summer Points and more. You can read about last year's Summer Event HERE

    This year, all of those goodies are coming back, but we've got some new stuff added too!

    Kire has helped us with new Legendary and Minigame Quests. These new Quests will still be located in Rhakotis, like the previous Quests, but they will have a new and refreshing look to them, particularly with Babylonian and Nubian themes.


    Additionally, we're adding three new Gear pieces, for a total of 9 Summer Event Exclusive Gear pieces. Much like previous Events, the older Gear pieces will be obtainable by means other than before. More details about this will be released with the announcement post of the Event when it goes live.

    We currently don't have an ETA on the event's release date, but we're still working on it. As you know, the development team is made up solely of volunteers who work on the game in their free time, and not everyone is able to allocate as much free time as the others can, so sometimes projects like this take extra long to complete.

    All current and future content will stay 100% free and accessible to everyone.

    In order to save development time, the Weekly Blogs will be posted once every two or three weeks from now on (unless something special comes up, I don't have time to make the blogs, or something else).

    Thank you so much for reading, and we will see you all next time!

    Project Celeste Development Team

    What do you think about this week's blog? What would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

    Missed the Roman Civilization's announcement? Find out about it HERE.

    Project Celeste is completely free and always will be. However, we gladly accept donations for our overhead costs, which are larger than we have budgeted. If you want to support us, you can do so HERE.

    Read every Romans related blog HERE.

    Tell your friends! Join our Discord HERE.
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