Thracian and Scythians Saga Part 1 1.0.4

Single-player intense micro combat

  1. coolblade23
    Expected Playtime:
    25 minutes
    The Thracian horseman statues must not fall.
    Following the quest hub designed not long ago ( this is the first entry in a series of proposed quests. This is the first actual playable quest that requires player interaction (yey !). The event takes place at the start of the Trojan War and it has the Thracians as the protagonists. You will command a small army of limited troops and will have to keep the scythians at bay. After each wave you will get a chance for reinforcements but each will come at a cost so pick wisely, this is your only source of sustenance.

    Sample Screenshots:

    Rewards per wave:
    As they come with consequences:
    Beautiful autumn scenery:
    Fortified position with a small starting garrison:
    And the chaotic combat (2 players will most likely never be in the same situation and each time it will be completely different):


    Enemy units are generated at random , from random directions with random number of units from each direction , which means there is a fairly low chance that 2 games will be the same. There are some rules the games follows:

    I) The game has 3 stages:
    1) Stage 1:
    - Enemy start of with 5 unit count (not pop) and after each wave the number of units count grows by 2
    - Stage 1 has spearmen , takabara , sparabara and bowmen ONLY; other units can be spawn via Rewards but are not part of the main army
    - This stage is designed to be fairly easy and you should focus on forming the bulk of your army while saving as many units as possible for the stages to come.
    2) Stage 2:
    - Enemy unit count will only grow by 1 from here onwards
    - This stage will add immortals , asabara, magus and scythians cavalry archers to the pool of units ... these units are mostly 2 pop each so it will spike the difficulty
    - At this stage it is recommended you preserve your army as much as possible and try to get as many little gains as possible despite the difficulty
    3) Stage 3:
    - Enemy units now also have catapults , warwagons, cataphracts and battering rams
    - At this stage the statue becomes extremely vulnerable and it will be incredibly hard to defend, you will loose a lot of units at this stage so try to save as many as you can, you just have to hold long enough to win it from this point onwards

    II) Rewards !
    1) There are currently 9 total rewards and each one of them has equal chances to trigger.
    2) They always trigger once a wave has been cleared up.
    3) The pop up will NOT pause the game; you are on a timer - pick fast and pick wisely.
    4) Feel free to post rewards suggestion and if possible i will add them to the pool
    5) Rhesus gets stronger with each wave and gets a considerable power spike when ever he is re-summoned. But be careful, getting him in later stages can be quite risky. He is not immune to conversion either.

    Battle Report:

    A messenger arrived to the court of king Rhesus with the trojan royal mark on it. It requested that the thracians honor their word and provide support to the city of Troy which is currently under siege by the achaeans and their allies.

    Before Rhesus can dispatch his troops to aid Troy he must first secure the northern borders which are currently raided by the scythians. It seems after the wars against the egyptians and their pharaoh Sesostris, the scythians have grown bold.

    You have been dispatched with small army to a geto-thracian fort that holds a mountain pass which scouts have reported that scythians pass supplies to their main arm through it. The getae have managed to capture the pass but their troops will not be able to hold for long.

    We cannot engage the scythians horsemen in open battle without taking significant losses. So the plan is to use this opportunity and cut the supplies to the their army to soften them up.

    There is a Horseman Statue at the fort. If that statues holds the scythians are sure to loose their moral and abandon the siege. Use any troops you can and may the Gods watch over you.


    Little is know about the thracians during this time, but if the Iliad is to be believed, the thracians were indeed led by a king named Rhesus. His father was either Eioneus (no details about him are mentioned but it is assumed he was a noble of the city of Eion where the name derives) or Strymon (a minor local God for the city of Eion) and his mother was one of the 9 Muses (minor goddesses).

    It is mentioned that he was summed to aid in the defense of the city of Troy but arrived late as he had to defend his homeland from scythians invaders. Not many details are given of that conflict, only that the thracians were eventually successful.

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  1. Ardeshir
    Version: 2020-10-23
    Wonderful stuff man!
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