Seuthopolis 2020-09-17

Quest hub for halloween and autumn related events

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    your own visual pleasure to satisfy
    Seuthopolis - capital of the Odrysian Kingdom , the kingdom of the thracian people , founded around 325 BC with a population of mixt thracians and greeks, not far from the Valley of Kings , where lies many tombs of long passed rulers and their riches. Worshipers of the god of wine Dionysus, Sons of the God of War Ares and protected by the goddess Artemis, warriors and wine drinkers alike, followers of the Horseman motif.

    Felt like an entire civilization worshiping the Horseman legend was the best fit for the headless horseman legend. The area of Thrace ingame right now is a bit of a barren land (only celtic specific quests) with a very beautiful map. It was a shame to have it go to waste like this so i wanted to give people a reason to visit it (like for example those who do not play as celts). The quest hub (this scenario) could be the entry point to do quests in the vicinity for non-celtic players.

    Celtic perspective:

    The scenario represents autumn in all it's glory:

    1) Long nights with short daylight time; the longer you stay in the city the darker it gradually gets until morning comes back around.

    Dock area during Day:
    And during night time:

    2) Orange leave trees mixt with the stubborn green ones along with a wet river that recently flooded to let us all know that summer has passed; along with a touch of snow, hinting winters arrival
    And just that tiny touch of snow:

    3) A gladiators arena with gladiators from across the east mediterranean area dueling against each other for the glory of earning the champions title.

    Will the Lion of Macedon defeat the Champion from Tarsos:

    4) Merchants from across the lands come to the famous Seuthopolis agora to sells their wares and get lucky enough to buy the local wine.


    5) A vibrant city that has something to show in every corner of the map

    6) And crowned king of autumn , the horseman himself:

    This is the city layout that has been followed when building it:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ardeshir
    Version: 2020-09-17
    Real pretty quest hub on par with the ones in the game for sure. Both historically influenced and with some good references to the Project Celeste community.
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