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    Hello AoEO players,

    I've gathered some idea's from the community about what legendary craftable gear could exist for the new legendary materials. Keep in mind they have to be interesting / viable enough to be considered crafting in exchange for those legendary materials. This is just a couple of ideas, suggestions and feedback are welcome.

    Also note that just because I have for example, 5 swords on my list, doesn't mean I want them ALL added at the same time. They're just ideas for the devs to consider adding. Same goes for all other suggestions.

    Most of the items have stats done by following a pattern from Epics --> Legendary from the same gear type. That can mean it's too weak or too strong, but the stattage can always be adjusted. It's more about putting the ideas out there.

    For now, the following gear types don't have a Legendary craftable yet:

    Belly Bow
    Construction Addition
    Engineering Accessory
    Fire Pot
    Great Axe
    Heavy Spear
    Light Spear
    Medium Armor
    Religious Item
    Scout Special
    Throwing Arm
    Work Tools

    They will have at least one suggestion.


    Artemis' True-Striking Belly Bow (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 35.4%
    Cavalry Bonus Damage: 18.8%
    Maximum Range: 9.8%

    Can be combined with Ashur's Arrows and Ishtar's Gauntlets to have an anti-cavalry focused build in cavalry-heavy quests, but will have to sacrifice either general DPS or range for it (around 11 DPS or 4 range for the cav bonus damage).


    1) Great Wall Joints of Kronos (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 6.5%
    Cost: -6.5%

    2) Vishvakarma's Wall Joints of the Giants (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 30.7%

    Currently the only construction addition with health is the Delian Archon's Blueprints. Could be considered for forward buildings like the Fortress. Another option is Damage & Health.


    Legion Enforcer's Wheels (Epic, Store Item) --> Golden Wheels of Hephaestus (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 35.1% --> 41.3%

    Engineering Accessoires like Divine Heavy Cedar Beams and Beams of Khnum have an increase of ~5% for Damage, Health and Cost. 15% for an one-stat item should be sufficient enough to make it attractive for crafting.

    Engineering Accessoires have 3 viable options, of which 2 are store items (Legions and Delian wheels), a craftable option adds some diversity. Damage & Health could also be considered.


    1) Prometheus' Fire Pot (Epic, Store Item) --> Sturdy Fire Pot of Athens (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 57.1% --> 64.1%
    Health: 16.3% --> 29.3%

    Very little Fire Pots to compare or follow a pattern of. I took the normal Fire Pot Damage (75,4%) and decreased it with 15% (same pattern as Sword of Tiberius)
    Health significantly increased to compete with Oil Flask of Hatshepsut

    2) Greek Fire Pot (Epic, Craftable Item) --> Loki's Fire Pot of Inferno (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Critical Hit Chance: 25.6% --> 75.4% Damage instead of Critical Hit Chance
    Maximum Range: 30.8% --> 46.2%

    Changed Critical Hit Chance to Damage
    Currently Fire Ships can get a Maximum Range of 18 with Greek Fire Pot, Runic Heavy Iron Armoring and the Ammon advisor
    The Maximum Range buff would result into them gettin 20-21 Maximum Range
    Not sure if that's a problematic buff, but it sounds fun to play around with (also for the Indian Fire Pot Monkey)


    Ravager Axe of the Jackal L25 (Epic, Normal Item) --> Odin's Great Axe of Thunderfury (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 42.3% --> 75.4%
    Movement Speed: 2.2% --> 6.5%

    Ravager Axe is a level 25 item, hence the low stats. There's very little Epic --> Legendary predecessor Axes to follow a pattern.
    In the end I decided to do the same Damage as Champion's Axe and Double-Edged Axe (75,4%) and lined up the Movement Speed to be the same as the Critical Hit Chance of Double-Edged Axe (6,5%)
    This would follow the same logic as Light Spear of Sargon and Rostam (3,3% Movement Speed and Critical Hit Chance), but maybe the movement speed could be further increased if it's not significant enough to be considered.


    1) Skadi's Heavy Spear of the Mountain (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 42.2%
    Health: 42.2%

    2) Horus' Immortal Spear (Epic, Normal Item) --> Heavy Spear of Immolation (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 50.2% --> 60.3%
    Movement Speed: 1.1% --> 5.4%
    Cavalry Bonus Damage: 15.7% --> 18.8%

    3) Gungnir, Heavy Spear of Odin (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 62.9%
    Melee-Infantry Armor: 20.5%
    Infantry Bonus Damage: 15.8%


    1) Vel, Divine Javelin of Karthikeya (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 45.5%
    Crush Armor: 16.5%
    Melee Cavalry Armor: 21.3%

    Frontline Javelin that uses two specific armors that frontline javelin users are weak against (Centurion, War Chariot, Sarissophoroi). Competes vs Javelin of the Sky with damage & health, but this is more specific against cavalry & siege. Values can be adjusted if they're too weak or strong.

    2) Deadly War Javelin L37 (Rare, Normal Item) --> Horus' Spiritual Javelin of Protection (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 42.9% --> 49.4%

    Same reasoning as the Health Engineering Accessory, an increase of 15% to make the item attractive to craft. Useable for frontline users like Centurions, Sarissophoroi & War Chariots.


    Athena's Golden Light Spear of Wisdom (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 48.8%
    Melee-Infantry Armor: 25.4%

    A new variety armor light spear specialized against enemy infantry, can be useful for Hoplites, Sparabara and Shieldbearers.


    1) Hephaestus' Breastplate of Sturdiness (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 75.4%
    Splash Damage Reduction: 28.4%

    2) Hephaestus' Breastplate of Sturdiness (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 75.4%
    Crush Armor: 28.4%

    3) Sesostris' Blessed Cuirass (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 75.4%
    Train Time: -18.3%

    4) Sacred Cuirass of Verethragna (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 75.4%
    Pierce Armor: 15.0%

    New statlines like Crush Armor & Splash Damage Reduction for the Medium Armor geartype that currently don't exist, has the same health but better armor stattage than the Cuirrass of Rostam and Gilgamesh, which are both viable options. The reason for increased armor stattage is that it has to be an attractive option versus Alexander armor, especially being a legendary craftable.

    Train Time is also a new interesting statline that could provide better reinforcing or an option for emergency units in the earlygame, e.g. spamming Hypa's with one barracks to defend a leak.

    For the Pierce Armor Medium Armor, the pattern from Vest of Theseus scaling to Toga of Romulus (same health, 80% of melee-infantry armor value) was used. However this does make it slightly worse than Delian Archon's Cuirass, so buffing it to 15.0% or more is suggested to make it an attractive option to craft.


    Thurisaz, Rune of Thor (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Train Time: -8.7%
    Cost: -11.8%


    Scepter of the Scorpion (Rare, Craftable Item) --> Osiris' Golden Scepter of the Underworld (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Empower Dropoff: 50.6% --> 70.4%
    Empower Build Rate: 121.1 --> 152.5%

    This brings it close with Scepter of the Pharaoh in terms of dropoff while the build rate is much higher than the train rate, since the train rate is a more valueable stat. Unsure whether this would be a viable alternative option for the Scepter of the Pharaoh. If not, buffing the Dropoff or Build Rate might be an option.


    Mounted Noose Pole (Rare, Normal Item) --> Grip of Hades (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 177.4% --> 266.1%

    Same increase from Looking Glass --> Lens of Menes (50%)
    Could be sometimes used as an alternative to Sash to have a better combat unit in the very early game.


    Sling of the Sandwraith (Rare, Craftable Item) --> Anubis' Sling of Death (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 28.4% --> 62.1%
    Maximum Range: 28.9% --> 33.3%

    General damage/range Sling, still less damage than Precision Sling, but much better range.


    1) Cuchulainn's Scarred Defender (Epic, Craftable Item) --> Ullr's Shield of the Hunter (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 5.8% --> 6.5%
    Melee-Cavalry Armor: 22.7% --> 25.4%

    Following the pattern of other Epic --> Legendary shields such as Pluto and Aeneas (~13%)

    2) Unbreakable Shield (Rare, Craftable Item) --> Athena's Indestructible Shield (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 4.8% --> 8.9%
    Crush Armor: 11.6% --> 24.9%

    A little bit more Health than some other Legendary Shields. Crush Armor stat could vary.


    Arm of Atlas (Epic, Store Item) --> Atlas' Arm of Titans (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 34.2% --> 47.3%
    Building Bonus Damage: 28.4% --> Cavalry Bonus Damage: 25.7%
    Critical Hit Chance: 7.0% --> Maximum Range: 8.4%


    Damage: 52.3%
    Area Damage: +1

    Originally I had Critical Hit on the Throwing Arm, but Critical Hit doesn't work on splash and non-lockon projectiles, so it's effectively useless on land siege units. Cavalry Bonus Damage offers a new stat in the Throwing Arm geartype, which would make for an interesting asset. Maximum Range is the same as other high damage Throwing Arms.

    Extra Area Damage would also be an interesting option.


    Torc of Cernunnos (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Critical Hit Chance: 35.8%
    Maximum Range: 9.8%
    Movement Speed: 4.8%

    Sacrificing Health and some Critical Hit chance from Divine Torc for extra range and movement speed.


    Hammer of Brokkr (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Gathering Food: 17.4%
    Gathering Wood: 17.4%
    Gathering Gold: 17.4%
    Gathering Stone: 17.4%
    Training Time: -14.4%

    Same Gathering Stats as Hammer of Kaveh, but replaces Building Construction Speed with - Training Time
    Would bring new diversity to the Work Tools


    Then for the craftable gear types that do already have a craftable option, but could have interesting suggestions as well:


    1) Skadi's Arrows of the Jötunn (Legendary, Craftable Item)
    Damage : +7.9%
    Maximum Range : +12.0%
    Build Time : -5.4%

    2) Njord's Arrows of the Seas (Legendary, Craftable Item)
    Damage : +7.9%
    Maximum Range : +12.0%
    Train Time : -12.6%

    There's currently no arrows with Build Time reduction. Would make it a good use for Castellums, Town Centers and Fortresses. It's not a direct replacement, since they have competition in Germanicus, Setredet and also normal damage arrows. Only Castellum would heavily prefer this arrow over others, but Egypt Fortress could definitely prefer this over others as well. There's also the upcoming advisor unit rework which could make this arrow a more exciting and interesting option.

    Another option is to add -Train Time (not to be confused with Train/Research rate). That could be used on the Fishing Boat and Merchant Transports, though people might still prefer Jupiter's Arrows on the Merchant Transports.

    The Damage & Maximum Range are similar to other offensive arrows to offer accesibility & flexibility in case users want to use this arrow on combat units as well (Arrow Ships, War Wagons etc.).


    Njord's Plating of the Winds (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Cost : -12.3%
    Train Time : -5.4%

    A new armor plating option for both the Fishing Boats and the Merchant Transport, although that would be at the cost of the Artificer's Iron Plating for the movement speed.


    1) Nabu's Celestial Robes of Prophecy (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Melee-Infantry Armor: 200.5%
    Bonus Damage Protection: 20.8%

    The item is inspired from Blessed Priest Robes, a level 26 item where the scaling was calculated to level 40 and then jumping from Rare to Epic to Legendary. This would come close to 190% Melee-Infantry Armor and 15% Bonus Damage Protection.

    The cloth armor would be a new option for early-game defending infantry units like the Sparabara, Shieldbearer or even Longswordsmen. Very weak against cavalry units but immense defense power against infantry. Potentially could be used for main units too, depending on the quest.

    2) Theia's Shimmering Tunic of Brilliance (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 62.9%
    Gathering Gold: 15.5%
    Gold Conservation: 15.5%
    Gold Carry Capacity: 15.5% (not visible stat)
    Gathering Stone: 11.5%
    Stone Conservation: 11.5%
    Stone Carry Capacity: 11.5% (not visible stat)

    New diversity in gathering cloth armors with gold & stone gathering instead of wood or food. Gathering gold with villagers almost never happens in PvE, so there should be incentive to use this cloth armor over Roman Toga & Tunic of the Collector (or their budget versions). The gathering rate is therefore much higher along with an added stone gathering bonus. The conservation stat is completely new to have more of an incentive to use this cloth armor, especially in no-caravan optional quests where conservation can be very useful.


    Golden Great Ankh Staff (Epic, Normal Item) --> Anahita's Celestial Staff of Mending (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Healing: 76.9% --> 84.6%
    Movement Speed: 4.8% --> 5.3%

    Used the same pattern as Druantia's true Oak Staff (lvl 37) --> Ahapitep's Solid Gold Staff which is 10%.

    This does powercreep Staff of Amenhotep, but so did Xerxes Arrows with Legion Arrows.


    Ra's Gem-Studded Leather Armor (Epic, Normal Item) --> Poseidon's Horse Armor of the Storms (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Melee-Infantry Armor: 154.4% --> 169.8%
    Melee-Cavalry Armor: 18.7% --> 20.6%
    Bonus Damage Protection: 9.8% --> 20.6%

    Following the pattern of other Epic --> Legendary Light Armor such as Ashoka and Minotaur (~10%)
    Buffed the Bonus Damage Protection

    Since Ra's Gem-Studded Leather Armor already fills the niche of extreme infantry armor, it can be changed to have Pierce Armor or Melee-Cavalry Armor in place of the Melee-Infantry Armor to fill a niche that isn't used yet.


    Cissonia's Contract of Fortune

    Movement Speed: 7.3%
    Cost: -18.5%
    Training Time: -13.4%

    A new type of merchant gear that introduces training time and uses cost as its main stats. Merchant's Bounty has -cost and movement speed but it's incredibly insignificant. With this cost & training time, it competes vs Merchant Log of the Nile & Extremely Tasty Carrot on both the caravan & merchant transport. It kickstarts the early economy but sacrifices efficiency after enough caravans or transports have been created.


    1) Immaculate Swordmaster's Blade (Uncommon, Craftable Item) --> Zeus' Sword of Ruin (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 30.3% --> 45.9%
    Building Bonus Damage: 8.9% --> 24.1%

    Swords don't really have a good pattern. This is almost the same damage as Sword of Tiberius
    The Building Bonus Damage can be either too weak or too strong (Juggernaut)

    2) Bast's Bloodletter (Epic, Normal Item) --> Athena's Sword of Divine Protection (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 41.9% --> 46.1%
    Critical Hit Chance: 4.5% --> 5.0%
    Damage: 4.5% --> 5.0%

    Esentially a sword for the frontline, units like Primus Pilus could use this very well

    3) Scathach's Immortal Reaper (Epic, Craftable Item) --> Tyrfing, Sacred Sword of Tyr (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 37.0% --> 40.7%
    Critical Hit Chance: 14.4% --> 20.2%

    Increased Damage by 10% and Critical Hit Chance by 40%
    Has to compete against Sword of Tiberius, so needs to be a meaningful buff

    4) Doomblade of Theokoles (Epic, Craftable Item) --> Ares' Sword of Fury (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 33.4% --> 36.7%
    Melee-Infantry Armor: 32.8% --> 36.1%

    Another armor sword for the variety. Could be used in very specific scenarios for anti-infantry like Hypas, Longswordsmen. Even the Scout could combine this with the new Scout Special and the legendary version of the Ra-Gem Studded armor to have a very anti-infantry specialized option.

    5) Hermod's Sword of Swiftness (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 49.8%
    Movement Speed: 9.6%

    Movement speed is a popular stat for Infantry nowadays, so it would compete vs Sword of Tiberius. Stats can be adjusted if the MS is too much or not.


    Aoifa's Vengeful War Horn (Epic, Craftable Item) --> Gjallerhorn, War Horn of Heimdall (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 23.2% --> 25.5%
    Building Bonus Damage: 28.4% --> 32.7%

    War Horns have different patterns each, Brann's Battle Horn has an increase of ~5% (Damage), Camillus' War Horn has an increase of ~10% (Health) and Elite Battle Horn has an increase of 15% (Damage and Infantry Bonus Damage)
    Decided to increase the Damage by 10% and the Building Bonus Damage by 15%


    Battle Brand of Scathach (Epic, Craftable Item) --> Macha's Markings of War (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Damage: 11.2% --> 12.3%
    Movement Speed: 0.5% --> 4.5%
    Building Bonus Damage: 8.4% --> 11.2%

    Following the pattern of other Epic --> Legendary Warpaints such as Vercingetorix and Cartimandua (~10%)
    Increased the movement speed a little bit further to be at least meaningful
    Increased the Building Bonus Damage a little bit further to compete better against Vercingetorix Warpaint

    Note that all the Normal items or Store items upgrades mentioned here don't HAVE to be legendary craftables, they could just stay Normal dropables or Store items instead. Even the Legendary versions of the Craftable items could become dropable or a store item instead, if they fit better that way.
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    Engineering accessory

    Diogenes de Cynic's Barrel

    -15% damage
    -1 population space

    (Could be turned into a ram head instead of engineering accessory if scorpios must be kept at 2 pop).
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    I like the:

    Bast's Bloodletter (Epic, Normal Item) --> Athena's Sword of Divine Protection (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 41.9% --> 46.1%
    Critical Hit Chance: 4.5% --> 5.0%
    Damage: 4.5% --> 5.0%

    Deadly War Javelin L37 (Rare, Normal Item) --> Horus' Spiritual Javelin of Protection (Legendary, Craftable Item)

    Health: 42.9% --> 49.4%

    but i think the:

    Skadi's Arrows of the Jötunn (Legendary, Craftable Item)
    Damage : +7.9%
    Maximum Range : +12.0%
    Build Time : -5.4%

    would outshine Rhakotis Arrow too much imo even when it is a good idea!

    The other items are also good, but i personally would not use them much, maybe the HP on babylonian rams but i usually use lancer, champs etc. and wish there were items for the main units that are in between the existing legendaries and the bahram items (not as good as bahram items obviously).

    So what i personally would like to see is an medium armor, which combines Breastplate of Alexander and Ra's Armor of the Solstice. Right now im switching in between those two items. Maybe it should have the 8.8% speed and a little less attack then alexanders but more hp then alexanders to make it a mix of both curiass.
    Or a Chiton of the Wolf / Robes of Thebes with walking speed.

    The new legendary items should be more outstanding especially for the late game. The legendary materials take a long time to get we don't know how much one item will cost. If it it costs like 200-300 Immaculate Pearls, 200-300 Muslin Cloth or even more then it should be really outstanding and bring a new quality to the main unit / army or someting that makes the setup faster like better Wall Joints of Persepolis or better Walls of the Architect.

    But i really want to appreciate your ideas here, i think they are all good but many i feel could be implemented via regular legendary recipies like the level of Bow of the Master Hunter or Sword of Tiberius.

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    Thanks for the reply & feedback, it's greatly appreciated! I realize that Skadi's Arrows does compete vs Setredet arrow, but there's only one of that arrow and that makes the rest of the buildings lack some kind of utility arrow like this one. Glad you like some of the others though!

    And I agree that they should good enough to be crafted for the amount of legendary materials they're gonna cost, except that I don't know how much they're actually gonna cost. Hence why I stated that some of the items could be dropables instead or that the stattage can always be adjusted. For example if it would be only 20-30 legendary materials with some epic materials on the side, some of those items would fit (like the Skadi's arrows!) but if they were to cost around 200-300 (which is honestly enormous) then the devs could absolutely adjust them to a higher stattage. I don't mind if they would be very strong then, it would be very rewarding. I was just being careful since I don't want the items to look ridicilous at first glance.
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