So I just hit 40, what's my best course of action :D?

Discussion in 'PvE Tips & Tutorials' started by Blackbeared, Apr 22, 2018.

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    So yeah like the title, just hit 40. Items are... so so I would say, none of them are generally bad but none of them really stand out.

    So I'm curious what my best course of action is right now, I'm Norse if that matters. Like my gear is at the point where their units are much much stronger than mine, atleast I need maybe 2-3 units vs 1 of theirs. Atleast that's what it feels like.

    Just being curious as I have not played it this much and definetly not at level 40 :p .
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    With some practice, some of the Alliance quests can be pretty easy to complete and give great rewards. Finding a patient Co-op partner you can ease in to playing some legendary quests.
    *Persian Coercian* is easy to solo
    Next time you see someone in chat asking for "Pharos x3" ask if they would be willing to show you what to do. It is easy to co op and also offers very nice rewards
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    I would also do "elite" quests as a stage on the way to Leg quests .. the rewards are ok and you even get occasional leg gear (rare but possible )
    Elite Rogues is easy , Religion, etc soon get good level 40 gear and a few EP's I still do them regularly ...It's a kind of warm up for me :):)
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