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    PvE Balance Patch (Celt):
    • Champion: Health increased to 420, from 370.
    • Champion Champion: Upgrade changed to match its PvP version. (no longer grants +1 pop, no longer increases cost, upgrade cost decreased to 800, from 1000, +10% dps instead of 35%, +25% hp instead of 35%).
    • Augur: Range increased to 32, from 27.
    • Carpentom: DPS increased to 28, from 18. Bonus multiplier decreased to 2.5x, from 3x.
    • Horseman: DPS increased to 18, from 16.
    • Stone/Log Thrower: Accuracy increased.
    Those change don't affect Champion PvP mode.

    • "Sparta Token" has been replaced with "Sparta Point", those point can be spend in the "Sparta General Store".
    • You can now earn "Crete Points" by beating waves or doing legendary quest in Crete, those point can be spend in the "Crete General Store".
    • 8 New Legendary quest (one for each map).
    • "10, 20 and 30 Waves" mode will now reward Empire Points.
    • "30 Waves" and "Elite Meet In Crete" mode only: An chest has been add to selectable reward.
    • "Elite Meet In Crete" only:
      • Elite unit have 10% of chance to spawn (instead of 0%).
      • Coin, Empires Points and materials reward has been increase.
      • Drop chance on two of the reward chest for this quest has been increase.


    • "Coin" are now shared across civilization (like Empire Points).
    • "Lotto Ticket" has been add to various vendor inventory.
    • Anti-Cheat improved.
    • Code improvements.
    [Require Celeste Launcher v2.0.1.1 at least]
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