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    Winter Event 2017/2018

    Hello there everyone! We are pretty excited to announce the beginning of the "Winter Event 2017/2018", let's jump into the details, shall we?


    During this new PvE event your goal will be to defeat the most guarded camp you can until the end of the event, each time you will defeat an guarded camp and collect his reward you will win some "Winter Points" you can spend those points at the "Empire Store" to buy some items including two new legendary consumables.
    Wining those points will allow you to be ranked into the event ladder who will count the total of points you have win, all players who have win at least 1 points will receiver an reward at the end of event, of course most ranked you are better reward you will get (reward will be announced soon). You can find the event leaderboard here:

    Also during this event an special guarded camp can spawn on any legendary quest, and all other quest who are at least level 35 (lower chance to spawn is those quest than the legendary one), this camp propose better drop rate than regular camp and can go up to two reward (instead of one for legendary camp).

    Let us know what you think of this event below! :)
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