Roman early quest : Pest control

Discussion in 'PvP General Discussion' started by Nemoniak, Apr 20, 2022.

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    after a return to this wonderful project i wanted to give a try to the Roman empire.
    However the L10 quest Pest Control seems VERY hard if not impossible for a solo player.
    I used 5 epic mercenary consumables and with all my capabilities i was just able to notch the NPC base before it surges at the end of the timer.
    Can someone hint me how it is supposed to be accomplished please ?
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    Pest Control is the one where you have a bunch of green ally villages and you have to defeat the enemy without allowing more then a set number of them to be destroyed yea?

    First, this quest is FAR easier at lvl 15 when you unlock the Golden Age, allowing you to get an extra upgrade to your tower, economy, and armory.

    Second, Pest Control is the epitome of how the Roman quests were designed for experienced players - Players who know how to maximize their macro and are good at micro.

    Third, the way I got through this mission with Romans at lvl 12 at the time was to completely wall off a narrow chokepoint located between 2 allies, and then make a funneling wall system up above the left of those 2 allies. I utilized Scorpios in order to quickly and easily kill Battering Rams, had a small complement of Decurions, Centurions, and Clinicus to fight the main army, along with well over 20 guard towers raining down damages. I utilized rare Irene as my A1 advisor, epic Britomartus as my A2 advisor, and a rare Gladius as A3 advisor.
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