Question - use of consumables in end-game

Discussion in 'PvE General Discussion' started by Pipinghot, Nov 2, 2019.

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    I'm curious about the strategies employed by people who regularly use consumables when doing Legendaries (or any other daily activities). Which is more important, to use the higher quality consumables or to use the consumables that are usable in earlier ages?

    For example, I have these two recipes:
    Bandit Tower, Rare, usable in Age 2
    Bandit Tower, Epic, usable in Age 3

    Assuming you were going to use these tower consumables, would you rather use the consumable that is stronger or do you recommend the consumable that can be used earlier in the battle?

    Also, do you use different thinking for different types of consumables? For example do you treat mercenaries and special abilities differently?
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    hi m8
    1. quick storehouse
    2. quarry pit
    3. cattle rustler
    4. bandit fortress
    5. bandit tower
    6. bandit spears (sometimes)
    7. hidde spy (only rare in use)
    i have them them always in my inventory on each civ:eek:, nothing special, how often and which situation i use them depends on the quest. there re also some nice dmg/hp/speed cons. but i dont make much use of them :D

    specials like crete for ranking i use:
    1. labor of the empire
    2. resources of the empire
    3. and maybe wood gathering eles
    greetz. gl & hf
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    I use those , but I'm useless as I forget the timer , but the 4 boxes top left keep me on the straight and narrow. I sell the other stuff like pillage etc and anything for Age IV , I mean Im fully loaded at Age IV
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