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    Someone asked in the Reddit page where he could find active and regular vod of PVP. So there is my list to watch some Gaemz:

    YouTube :

    - ProjectCeleste
    - Ardeshiir
    - StarofKnight

    If you want to see more PVP, go over Twitch for daily streams. Multiple players stream regularly or you can check their VOD :

    - ProjectCeleste
    - PF2K
    - IamPrezsteve
    - Warlockant1203
    - Greeky420
    - Ardeshiir
    - StarofKnight
    - Takahiga
    - Verhuver
    - Eery__
    - IamArshii
    - TheAce9
    - LaVoitureNoire
    - BreakfustPenguin
    - Gentle Berlin
    - Robzd87
    - Empirefsb
    - Adneleeuw
    - IamStriker__

    For PVE YouTube and Twitch : check this post

    I will try to update this list so if i forgot anyone please comment and i will edit that list going forward.
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