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    Offline Mode 2.0


    Hello there everyone! Let's take a look at the upcoming Offline Mode 2.0 together, shall we?
    How to access Offline Mode?

    By clicking "Play Offline" in "Celeste Launcher" or you can start "%GameFolder%/Spartan.exe" directly to open "Offline Mode".
    Can I switch from Online Mode to Offline Mode?

    Yes, by clicking "Play Offline" when you are at main menu in game.

    Can I switch from Offline Mode to Online Mode?

    Nope, not the other way around!

    Custom Scenario


    Play custom scenario made by other players using the editor.

    You can find custom scenario made by the community here:

    Custom scenarios need to be placed into the folder "%GameFolder%/Scenario ".

    Note: Custom scenarios are more limited in features than the quests you play on the online version, and don't allow you to choose your own civilization from the live servers.


    civ.jpg quest.jpg ingame.jpg
    Choose a pre-made civilization or a custom one and play all quest of the game and even custom quest made by the community, you can also play those quest with "Champion Mode" enabled.

    You can find custom quests made by the community here

    Custom quests need to be placed into the folder "%GameFolder%/Data/Quests".

    You can find custom characters (civilizations) made by the community here:

    Custom characters need to be placed into the folder "%GameFolder%/Data/Ai".

    Note: The game will have to be restarted to display new quest or characters.

    The Defense Of Crete & Skirmish

    crete.jpg skirm.jpg

    Just like quests, you will be able to choose a pre-made character or a custom one and play both of those game mode, "Champion Mode" is available in both game mode too.

    Scenario Editor


    Create your own scenario which can be used as "Custom Scenario" or for a "Custom Quest".

    Note: Originally the "Editor" was removed from game after its "beta stage", the Celeste team has worked hard to re-implement it in the latest game build and even to improve it, if you find any bug please report them here

    Let us know what you think of the new Offline Mode below!

    Thanks and see you in the game!

    - Celeste Development Team
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