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    Legendary Meta Community Guide WIP

    First of all just want to make this quite clear, I am not a top player, my macro in comparison to some top players is not great. However I can still manage to do any legendary co-op without a problem, of course some may take longer for me. But in any case, I have picked up strategies and in my experience of doing many legendaries, I think it would be best to put all useful information in one place for new players to find easily. And I don’t need to keep guiding new players through some quests as I don’t have time for this any more. So here's a basic plan of what I intend to write/create for now.

    All Legendaries (Actually, will do a leg meta guide in seperate posts for each civ, but this will be the Main page for all links.)



    1. Breaking Bandits
    2. I know I’m losing you
    3. Impossible Cataclysm
    4. Rescue Me


    1. Tamiat Triple Time
    2. The Renegade Escapade Grand Finale
    3. Soloi
    4. Paphos
    5. Marion

    Northern Holds

    1. Beorix Returns


    1. Elite Meet (sleep) in crete



    1. Rebellion
    2. Traitors
    3. Efeso
    4. Myus
    5. Sardes
    6. Mileto
    7. Legendary 1v1


    1. Holy man
    2. Thymbra
    3. Opis


    1. Susa
    2. Mad medo
    3. Euphrates
    4. Tigris

    Realms Of The World

    1. Alfheim
    2. Svartleheim
    3. Asgard
    4. Helheim
    5. Niflheim
    6. Muspelheim

    Finished/vick/jeinx/tzar/cmk/lifereloaded/Qaran CZ/Westinpieces people who's video I may use.
    Some are happy to help, others I'm not sure about, especially the old players as have no means of contacting them.

    Legendary basics (These topics I will cover in videos/commentating)


    Build Order, Storehouses & Town centres & Markets.

    Basic Macro

    Advisors & Gear Per Civilisation

    Military :

    Forward Bases

    Pushing effectively

    Researching upgrades

    Advisors & gear Per Civilisation

    AI :

    When to open wall or close wall


    Then after all these done, probably do 1 popular & easy strategy for each and every legendary quest, and commentate in video. Of course some legs are far from easy, but generally try to find the easiest way for new players to complete the legendary.


      • Cavalry – War Elephants, Lancers, Hippikons, Cataphracts, all can do leg. (norse and celtic cav not good enough for leg I think.)

      • Infantry – Champions, woads, berserkers best, all can do leg, but greek hoplites, persian sparabara, babylon shields, can be great for tanking too. Additionally babylon sappers and noble swordsmen are great choices. Lastly immortals which are a solid choice for Classic legendaries, however for Celeste Legendaries might struggle.

      • Ranged& Siege – Greek Gastraphetes, persian archers best, toxotes & celtic archers good for ranged, rest can be good but really lack compared to these. As for seige, no brainer to go with palins/throwers, but Ballistas are a very strong choice aswell, other seige like War Wagons also handy in some situations.

      • Monks/priests – All legit apart from egypt ptah monks or so I’ve heard, of course have to go with mehrab to be effective.

      • Seige – In certain legendary quests where optionals cancel out a factions main unit for example egyptian eles or norse infantry, going full seige can be effective in co-op.

      • As for solo’s, not too sure, I’m aware a mix of units is important, especially frontline tank, and heavy damage ranged. Or in some case both are 1 unit like eles. But 99% of the time I do co-op and Vick has already covered Solo legendaries.

      • Additionally is the guard tower spam strategy, which in some quests can be very useful, a huge amount of Guard towers makes for equally huge DPS, this can simply hold off anything on its own except if AI get sneaky with their own long ranged siege. For example this strategy is great in Opis and Asgard to cut down units that go in a singular route.

      • Lastly Advisor units, now I don't really know how legit anything outside of greek advisors unit are for legendary, if someone could test each out would be great. Only other which could be good is perhaps the egyptian elephant advisor unit. But otherwise the greek heliopolis and soma are strong enough to hold their own in a nice tanky/dps combo. Tested in Classic leg Soloi and did manage to make time limit, but I was using my own Gastra & Palins as greek. So as a new player and struggling to gear up, grabbing these specific advisors which are fairly cheap in the global marketplace could get you into legendary quests quicker than usual.

    As for Solo's, Vick has a written a guide found below, I will focus on Co-op.

    Please feel free to suggest anything else I have missed or challenge my ideas to discussion, I’d be very happy to change anything I’ve gotten wrong, ideal guide should have everyone's ideas. This is a community guide, not my own. :)

    I will update this as I go along^^

    MsMuffins :)

    Links to each Page
    Solo Guide by the One and Only Vick ;)

    Youtube Links:
    Jeinx (Elite/Alliance quests help here too!)
    LifeReloaded (Classic AoEO)
    Qaran CZ (Classic AoEO)

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    Nice, this'll be real handy to have on hand. Good luck getting it fully fleshed out and with support from other runners with other viable strats or able to make more in depth comments. Can we get this stickied?
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    Wow thumbs up :D:D great idea
    AS you are doing co op will be covering "Roles" ? i.e. deciding before hand who is building what .. just building your own line up without complementing yr partner or duplicating your partner .. well I think a team that knows what it is doing is a "well oiled machine"
    Like A builds graphs / ballista (lwood) B builds Hyps Infantry (food) or A goes for early game B goes late .. Im sure you know what I mean it's just hard to describe ;);).
    Great Idea how can we help ??
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    Yes in some quests for example tigris, roles will be needed, however for most parts as long as each person knows what to do, Roles are not necessary. Like for example paphos, both will need a start up method for first time, but once early game is done and economy is booming, rest is straightforward, but this will be covered in a video.

    As for help, I'm thinking about how to do it, I realised I should be able to make my own videos, so I will do the main ones I've listed. But I would like to do a general guide on every legendary quest for every civ. So perhaps if someone doesn't mind, could pick a civ, and do a sort of noob friendly strategy on every quest on that civ. Then I will simply spectate&commentate to explain what they are doing. However on some maps, will simply be the same strategy no matter the civ. So we'll see for some eg breaking bandits.

    And ardeshir, Pf2k stickied this ^_^
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