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    Microsoft and the original dev team introduced Empire Points (EP) as a way of monetizing even more the game. An early sign of the microtransaction era that was about to come, EP were implemented in order to boost profits with the sales of cosmetic items, game features (civilizations, game modes) and even gameplay advantages in the form of gear and items you could only or more easily get through spending real money in EP. Even the cursed lootboxes were present. But that years ago when Microsoft was still ruining and killing that game, milking it until the last drops of cash before they killed it.

    Now, it is our time - players and the Project Celeste dev team - to discuss and decide how things are going to be. From the start it is obvious that no monetization is wanted or even possible from Project Celeste, since Microsoft wouldn't allow others to gain money from the carcass of a previous prey. Nobody wants content blocked behind a paywall, which is why all civilizations and booster packs are unlocked from the beggining for all players and we can expect from the Celeste dev team that other decisions and developments will follow this principle.

    So, consider Empire Points (EP) in the context of the current game and project. What role do EP play in Age of Empires Online? What role do we want it to have? PvP is easily the thing absolutely nobody wants to be affected by EP, so lets discuss PvE.

    If EP's original purpose - monetization - isn't even possible, why bother? Think about it: every function that EP currently have could easily be executed by Gold Coins. Buying gear, blueprints, advisors, consumables and vanity items are all things that could be bought with Gold Coins instead of EP (as many of them already are). Gold Coins and EP have essentially the same function, which evokes the obvious idea of replacing EP with Gold Coins.

    The best argument against replacing EP with Gold Coins would be the rebalancing and remaking of quests rewards and the many game systems that use it. I agree with this notion and I don't think that would be feasible or worth it. Nevertheless, it is still unreasonable to effectively keep game content locked behind EP: even if EP are rewarded by quests and daily login on a regular basis, it is obvious that the ammount that can be obtained is very little compared to the prices of items. Just go to Vanity Island and see what would cost to have some of your units equiped with a full set of vanity gear or to have a decently decorated capital city with those items. Therefore, these contents are effectively locked behind a door whose forbidden key is long lost and meaningless.

    I don't pretend to know the best measure to solve this and even if people do agree with me or bother at all with EP, but I will list some ideas that could be done to solve this issue:
    - Have a way to freely convert coins into EP and vice-versa. The convertion rate should obviously be well thought because of many balancing reasons, but I still think it would be worth it.
    - Heavily lower the price of vanity items (like by a factor of 10) or change their prices to Gold Coins. Before EP were introduced, vanity items costed Gold Coins and you could buy some nice decorations for your city for prices in the order of 25-200 Gold Coins. This is the most easily and necessary implementation in this list and would bring vanity items back to life.
    - Globally increase the EP rewards of quests (again by a considerable factor).
    - Considerably increase the EP reward for daily login or even add some other rewards, like a random vanity item
    - Create other ways for players to aquire EP (examples: by playing PvP, by participating in the forums, by inviting new players, by streaming or watching Age of Empires Online on Twitch or YouTube)

    Finally, I would also like to point out that I'm not the first to see the need for change in how EP works in Project Celeste. Here is a similar thread.

    I would love to know what do you guys think about Empire Points and if you have any other ideas on how to adress this issue.
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    hi m8,

    well m8, i cant agree with increasing of ep rewards for most of the part.
    as long as we have ep rewarded for war effords,

    cuz. look:

    6x level40 civs: 2x war efford each day makes: 1080ep daily.
    and thats only war efford, i dont even talk about quests.

    that means, u have a way here to change ur coin into ep, if u want so.

    and when u have too much ep, u have also the ability to change it into coins.
    ep store weekly rotation makes it possible, by buying leg items and sell for coins.
    also dont forget about riches of the empire, available to buy @epstore, if u need more coin.

    and when i look at it, how much ep/coin possible to earn, i cant agree with decreasing vanity cost etc. for me personally 40ep for each vanity is not expensive.
    change the cost from ep into coin, is another point/discussion, might be better, idk. not my decision :)

    that was for pve. and yh looks like, that i am not a friend of increasements, nothing to do, thats my serious opinion about it.

    dont let me talk about pvp xD - here we need really any kind of motivation to be active. just yesterday with totombo we didnt found one player to start a game, let it be an example, the situation on pvp looks really not good :(

    and at least; improvements welcome; when i am wrong somewhere, teach me a better one. thx

    greetz / hf & gl m8
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