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Discussion in 'PvE General Discussion' started by Jerry Szekely, Apr 16, 2023.

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    A while ago, there was a discussion that you should not use Resources of the Empire consumables during any 5 star quests such as Siege of Clusium, Invasion of Rome or Turanian Trouble. If you do the enemy unleashes a ton of troops on you. At that time I heard it was okay to use other consumables, even Labors of the Empire. But now I am hearing that you also should not use Labor of the Empire consumables or the enemy also unleashes a ton of troops on you. Anyone have any thoughts on using consumables during 5 star quests.

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    You basically heard bullshit. Treat anything Tim says as garbage.
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    Tim was one of the people helping clear up this misconception, fyi.
    Better there than on easier content

    I know for a fact on most quests the spawn triggers work off a time value, and I'm confident that the ones that don't are either going to work off the player reaching a certain age up or score value.

    Consumables won't set off triggers directly, though IF it's a quest the trigger is based off score in and the consumable puts you at a higher score faster, then that can contribute. Quest difficulty isn't going to change this either.

    If you want to be sure, check the scenario for the quest in offline mode.
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