DM Gameplay - Build orders, Early Harass/Defense, Expanding

Discussion in 'PvP General Discussion' started by Ardeshir, Mar 6, 2022.

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    Hey guys,

    Just a couple videos of gameplay of deathmatch in the early days. Meta and balance subject to change, but think I've figured out semi-optimal openings and compositions to win games, for wall-less playstyles in (for now) higher-level Deathmatch. Cleanest games highlighted.

    Norse vs CHRCHR's Celts - (Eventual Dog-Bow-Zerk-Horseman Comp to Win v Mass Champion C)

    Greeks vs CHRCHR's Romans - (Large Map Gastra-Prod-Hippikon-Hoplite Win vs Roman melee+onager)

    Norse vs StriKeR's Norse (Bowman/Zerker/Dog/Stables Win vs Mixed Rax-Stables)

    Norse vs StriKeR's Norse (Bowman/Zerker/Dog/Stables Loss to Heavy Berserker)

    Greeks vs StriKeR's Celts (Gastra-Prod-Hippikon Win v Rax then Stables Heavy C)

    Greeks vs StriKeR's Celts (Ranged-Stables-Hoplite Win v Stables Heavy C)

    Egyptians vs StriKeR's Norse (Priestess Boom, Infantry Rush Into Stables-Fort-Infantry parade push Win vs Norse)

    Greeks vs Neenja's Norse - (Gastra-Hoplite-Hippikon-Prodromos Win vs Ulf-Zerk-Raider-Horseman)

    Norse vs Neenja's Norse (Dog Harass Early, Dog-Ulf-Zerk-Bow Win vs Mixed Rax/Stables)

    Remember your starting resources won't last forever. If you can't push to win, you will need to start making economy units ;)

    I'll prolly do a similar post for Lightning once I've played about ~10 games.
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