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    Battering Ram:

    • Gold cost increased to 60, from 30.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Battering Rams used to be one of the more underused units in PvP. However, after the original Balance Team reduced the cost of the Siege Workshop building alongside Rams themselves, people started using them more and more. We are now at a point where proxy Rams are quite common and people are using them very frequently. However, we feel that the return on investment in Battering Rams is a little too good compared to the counterplay needed to defend against it. This problem is more obvious in Greek and Persian Battering Rams right now, so we are starting by increasing the Gold cost on these two units.​


    Temple of Ra:

    • Now costs 200 Wood after you build the first one and advance to Age II
    > Balance Team's Comment: Egyptians have access to more Priest units than any other civilization in the game. However we feel like making more than 1 of these buildings is not affordable for players during their games so we are changing the cost of Egyptian temples down to only their Wood cost when you build the first one. This way the cost of aging up does not change for Egyptians but making additional temples for more Priest production won't be as expensive as it used to be. Note that even if you lose your first Temple, it will still cost only Wood if you want to rebuild it. We realize that this change might be slightly too good and are keeping a close eye on it. We may extend this change to the Babylonian Ziggurat as well in the future, for the same reasons.
    Temple of Set:
    • Now costs 300 Wood after you build the first one and advance to Age III
    > Balance Team's Comment: See "Temple of Ra"
    Temple of Ptah:
    • Now costs 1000 Wood after you build the first one and advance to Age IV
    > Balance Team's Comment: See "Temple of Ra"​


    Battering Ram:

    • Gold cost increased to 60, from 30.
    > Balance Team's Comment: See Greek "Battering Ram"​

    • Gold cost increased to 90, from 75.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Druids are a cornerstone of a Celtic army, providing in-combat healing and increasing the Damage dealt by the units being healed and are a unit you never want to exclude from your army. However we feel that the power they bring in to the Celtic army is not justified by their current cost so we are increasing it a bit.
    Sacred Deer:
    • Training Time reduced to 20 seconds, from 30.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Sacred Deer are one of the coolest units of the Celts, providing a guaranteed way of having access to Rites from Augurs and also being a source of Food for villagers to gather, using their Herdable gather rate which is faster than every other resource with the exception of Huntables. However at their current state, Sacred Deer don't see much use because of how slow they are to train and that it's simply easier to put down farms and let villagers gather from them and forget about doing anything beyond that. We are reducing the Training Time of Sacred Deer and adding a new Tech to the Sacred Grove that increases the gathering rate of Celtic Villagers from Herdables while further reducing the Training Time of Sacred Deer so that villagers will gather faster from Sacred Deer when you have both Hunting Dogs and the new Tech researched compared to when you have every single Farm Tech researched.​

    [NEW TECH - CHAMPION MODE ONLY] Gift of Druantia:
    • Available at: Sacred Grove
    • Improves Celtic Villager, Sacred Deer.
    • Effect: -20% Build Time, -30% Cost
    • Upgrade Cost: 300 Wood, 450 Gold
    • Required Age: AGE IV
    • Research Time: 40 seconds

    > Balance Team's Comment: See "Sacred Deer"​

    [Tech] Champion Champion:
    • Now increases Champions' Health by 15%, from 25%. Still grants 10% Damage.
    > Balance Team's Comment: After the innumerable buffs Champions have gotten, they have become incredibly powerful monsters in the lategame after everything is researched. Benefiting from Barracks Factory Techs, Champion Champion, and all the Bard Hall techs, they scale by and incredible amount to the point that they become too good against pretty much everything. We are changing the Hitpoints increase in the Champion Champion tech so that they are just as strong as they were when they first become available in Age IV, but not as much as they used to in the lategame when every Tech is researched.​


    Shield Bearer:

    • Hitpoints increased to 210, from 200. Melee-Infantry armor increased to 0.20, from 0.00
    > Balance Team's Comment: Shield Bearers are really good at absorbing damage from Pierce damage sources, but we feel like they are too squishy against every other damage type. This change should help them survive a bit longer to do their job without increasing their effectiveness in combat too much.
    • DPS increased to 17, from 16.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Lancers could use a little love in Age II so we are increasing their DPS by 1 to help them seem more appealing to players in the early game.​


    [Tech] Spearman Champion:
    • Now increases Spearmen's Health by 15%, from 25%. Still grants 15% bonus Damage vs. Cavalry.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Norse Spearmen have the highest amount of Health of all Age 1 units. On top of that, they have the biggest HP increase in an Age II tech than every other unit in the game. These two facts combined make for an incredibly tanky Spearman in Age II with over 325 Health. For the amount that they cost, we believe that their Health is a little too much so we are reducing the extra Health they get with their Champion Tech so that they are just as good as they are in Age I, but less effective after Spearman Champion.

    • Training Time increased to 15 seconds, from 10.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Norse Farbjodrs are the only Ram unit other than the Celtic Ram that are trained from Fortresses instead of Siege Workshops. However, at a Training Time of 10 seconds we believe they are too spammable even though they are produced from a building much less easily available as a Siege Workshop so we are increasing their Train Time to match the Celtic Ram.
    [Tech] Hammer of Thor:
    • Cost changed to 200 Wood, 200 Gold and 100 Stone, from 300 Gold and 300 Stone. Research Time reduced to 40 seconds, from 80.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Hammer of Thor is one of the new Techs available in Champion Mode only. We quite like the effect of the Tech but the feedback we've gotten regarding it is that it's simply too expensive and takes too long to research to justify skipping Armory upgrades for it so we are changing its cost and Research Time to make it more appealing.​

    Norse Fortress:
    • Build Time increased to 180 seconds, from 120.
    > Balance Team's Comment: There are different types of Fortresses in AoEO, as explained in detail in the Roman Fortress Reveal Blog. The original Balance team changed Norse Fortresses' stats in Champion Mode to match those of the Greek/Persian/Babylonian/Celtic civilizations. Every stat, but the Build Time. We believe this to be an oversight and are increasing the Build time of the Norse Fortress to match every other Fortress with the same amount of Health, Cost and Damage.

    Throwing Axeman:
    • DPS reduced to 6.5, from 7.5 Hitpoints increased to 200, from 185.
    > Balance Team's Comment: As part of of PvP Balance Patch #14, Throwing Axemen had turned into a Glass Cannon unit, tearing through anything that's not a Cavalry unit in Age II. We are reverting this change and giving them their original Stats back.


    Remember, as always, these changes affect Champion PvP (And Champion Skirmish) mode ONLY and do not affect Quests, Regular Skirmish Mode, Crete or Geared PvP!

    Feel free to discuss the changes below! :)
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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by PF2K, Sep 11, 2019.

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      I absolutely despise Egypt and believe they are already too powerful (along with Norse) as it is, but I am also bad, so I will (relatively) keep my mouth shut.

      I appreciate the balance team's work on the game.
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    2. Ardeshir

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      Nerfing priest upgrades (bumping up the costs moreso than nerfing the bonuses), or rax unit build speeds, or giving their seige towers the same gold cost increase as G/P rams would be where you can pull Egypt in line with the other civs imo. Their a3/a4 priest play has always felt a bit more limiting (I do understand their a3/a4 priests have the most potential benefit, but you'd only get one of each temple, and need upgrades to get the kind of benefit C/N/B in particular get out of their priest units in the lategame), and sniping temples is something I think people don't do enough of against both B and E.
    3. mandakafa

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      nice new... I was tired of losing :(
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