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Discussion in 'PvE General Discussion' started by JoshTheAspi, Aug 25, 2021.

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    Has anyone thought about making a tier list for advisor units? I know they aren't the most practical as most fully equipped normal units make them obsolete. Despite this I feel like this could be a fun thing to do. Here is my personal tier list based on my personal experience. I don't expect my list to be very accurate, so feel free to show me your personal tier lists. Maybe we can set up a more conclusive tier list.

    S-TIER: Headhunters, Somatophylakes, Armored Elephant,
    A-TIER: Gesatae, Pezhetairoi
    B-TIER: Heliopolis, Longbowman, Hetairoi, Phalanx, Royal Archer, Royal guard, Desert archer, Scythian mounted archer
    C-TIER: Scythed chariot, War chariot, Desert cavalry, Desert swordsman
    D-TIER: Kardaka, Khopesh swordman,
    GOLDEN HIPPOKON TIER: Golden Hippokon
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