11 ways to be a nice player in quest/PVE

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    1. Create nice town centers or docks for your partners' market routes. You can build a cheap storehouse in any part of the map, but a bad town center can ruin the market economy in early game.
    2.Do not block the market routes (on land or water). For example, do not build houses or your own market on the caravan's path.
    3.Use your main units to your advantage. For example, if you go with a friend playing Egyptians and you are playing Babylonians, do not let your lancers block the gates or walls, let the elephants clear walls and buildings, and you focus on killing units.
    4.If you are new, give a heads-up. if you have experience, be patient and nice, you probably sucked at some point in some quests. (Yes, I know, probably Bella killed your scout at least once).
    5.Take the treasures on your way if possible
    6.Do not fight for the same treasure. Check what others are closer, easier or faster to get for you. If your partner has better units, let them kill the guardians.
    7.If an optional objective is not achieved, do not get angry, you can play those quests 1000s of times. On the other hand, you could get blocked and shrink your community.
    8.If your partner is in trouble, support him (money or unit always does the trick).
    9.If your partner is too fast (too good), do not get upset at him/her. Learn his/her strategy, you could run it better next time.
    10.If you or your partner get kicked out of the game, do not get angry at each other (neither hate the developers); just go back and say sorry. If the game is not that far, you can restart together; if it is too far, let him/her finish the quest, and you can run a solo quest for a few min.
    11.Do not abandon the game, but if you must, be nice and give a heads-up, apologize and send all your resources.

    Probably there are more, would love to know what you think. Keep this list in mind to keep a good / non toxic community.
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