Trouble with Illyrians 1.1

A Greek town near the coast is being threatened by pirates! Save the town and repel the invaders!

  1. Coward
    Expected Playtime:
    45-60 minutes
    Destroy the Illyrian Raiders' Town Centers.
    Make sure the Greek Town's Town Center survives.
    (Optional) Make sure the Greek Village's Town Center survives.
    Along the idyllic Mediterranean coastline...

    The Greek city of Apollonia continues to grow, rich off of trade and partnerships with local Illyrian villages. As members of the Kingdom of Epirus, the Apollonians enjoyed protection from less "diplomatic" Illyrians to the north. Until now, that is. A massive fleet of Illyrian pirates have landed on a coast north of Apollonia, and seek to march south to plunder the wealthy trade-city. The King of Epirus has sent you to stop the Illyrians at a small Greek town near their landing site. The town's natural position prevents the Illyrians from moving south along the coastline safely, and must be secured if the pirates are to be repelled.

    The Greek town also depends on a nearby village for trade and resources; it would be wise to ensure their survival as well.
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