Thracian and Scythians Saga Part 1 1.0.4

Single-player intense micro combat

  1. 1.0.4


    moved aid tent closer to battle to offer a heal source for when you are unlucky to get a proper healer

    - increased max pop support from 25 to 50 (might make it higher in the future)

    - increase resource income per wave (triple of the original values)
  2. 1.0.3


    - fixed an issue with the babylon foot soldiers reward taking food and not spawning units


    - the units for the middle army should now move after spawning a little further , thus reducing the chances of the spawned to freeze

    - added some more autumn decorations (Thanks to the celest art team for providing us with new art props to play with !)
  3. 1.0.1


    - Fixed babs foot soldier reward (wrong use of variable name, caused the units to not spawn)

    - Fixed enemy army attack move in later stages (there seems to be a limit of about 50 units that can be used per army and dead units were not cleared as part of said army unit count)


    - Removed all forts and towers as norse infantry were able to cheese the enemy into static defenses (subject to change, might add it back, but will adjust resource income or...
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