Thracian and Scythians Saga Part 1 1.0.4

Single-player intense micro combat

  1. 1.0.1


    - Fixed babs foot soldier reward (wrong use of variable name, caused the units to not spawn)

    - Fixed enemy army attack move in later stages (there seems to be a limit of about 50 units that can be used per army and dead units were not cleared as part of said army unit count)


    - Removed all forts and towers as norse infantry were able to cheese the enemy into static defenses (subject to change, might add it back, but will adjust resource income or something like that to balance it)

    - Replaced barracks with city defense factory for a more interesting unit choice (some units have been manually removed but i might role back on this; converting priests have all been removed)


    - New starting army to have some infantry as front-liners

    - Add some of the new Halloween decorations (subtle but fitting)

    - Add a temporary Quest Tracker (only main objective so far) - there is a plan to add random sub-objectives so that each run you have different mini tasks to focus on (still in draft) [this temporary objective tracker will most likely be removed once i get around adding a .quest file for the project]
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