The Silk Roads Of Mesopotamia! 1.00

Silk Roads Part 1 Scenario

  1. Chaos
    Expected Playtime:
    45-60 minutes
    Destroy the enemy Palace.

    (Optional) Destroy the red Town Center.
    They say all roads lead to Rome, well in Mesopotamia all roads lead to riches! For too long the keepers of these land have enjoyed an unnameable fortune and its time we joined in on the venue. This wont be an easy task and the road ahead is long, but paved with wealth and glory.

    Time is of the essence and the enemy will not wait to remove us from their lands, we must secure these roads so we can push further into Mesopotamia. Resources and space is limited so build wisely and don't forget the silk roads can be used for riches!!

    - Ingame Shoots -




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