The Arena 1.03

A scenario to test out different pvp battle scenarios

  1. 1.03

    Bug fixes:

    1) Left a debugger unit on stage 7 that has now been removed
  2. 1.02

    Bux Fixes:

    1) Stage 3 with the slingers and axemen has been fixed , the AI will now properly attack on the 3rd attempt (there has been a problem with army allocation)

    2) Stage 4 the raider will now attack move

    3) Stage 5 with the 2 war elephants, the war elephants will now attack

    4) Stage 7 with the priests will now properly transition into stage 8

    5) Buffed stage 8 as it was to simple compared to stage 7
  3. The Arena

    updater refusing to cooperate
  4. The Arena

    Wrong upload file
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