The Arena 1.03

A scenario to test out different pvp battle scenarios

  1. coolblade23
    Expected Playtime:
    25 mins
    Fight your way through a series of micro intensive battles.
    Some time ago, people were chatting about ways to practice micro for pvp games in a vacuum and I had the pleasure to showcase a small demo with the pvp community that caught traction at the time. I have had a fairly few busy moments but eventually i managed to make enough time to finish this project so here it is ... (a few good months later).

    The scenario puts the player in a series on scenarios where he will have to use his micro skill to turn the tide of the battle in his favor. The scenario does not fail the player once one of the challenges was not passed, but instead forces the player to try over and over again on the same scenario until he managed to win it.

    Sample Screenshots:
    Mid battle
    That sweet feeling when you win one of you first battles
    When you feel the rage overcome you, you can always take a break and enjoy the nice view


    At the start of each round, yourself and the AI, get a fixed number of troops. Generally the AI will have more or better units and the only way to win is to micro your way out of your disadvantage. Try to fight where it is advantageous, sacrifice units , do what ever it takes to win.

    These battles are specifically designed to be hard and expect to fail a lot.

    There are no consequences for loosing a fight.

    Each fight resets when the human player has no troops left. You advance to the next fight when the AI player has no troops left.

    To give the AI a little boost, the AI controlled units will re-target units every 4 seconds to the closes unit available, so be careful when the AI swaps away from the units you used to kite away with.

    Have fun !

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