Farport Firefight 1.0.0

Conquest through the uncooperative dockmasters and claim their ports.

  1. KardaKAX
    Expected Playtime:
    30-45 minutes
    Capture 4 dockyards by destroying the infrastructure around them.

    Eliminate the enemy by destroying all enemy units and their key infrastructure.
    These dockmasters don't know who they challenge!

    We recently reached out to a group of dockmasters following our need for a naval armada capable of crushing our foes quickly and decisively across the seas. Their ports are hardy and their works have shown greatness.

    However, now they think they have the power to challenge us! We must make them pay dearly for such treachery - go there with a force. Destroy their infrastructure, raze their settlement to the ground. Teach them a lesson for disobeying us!

    Part of the Norse Navy design challenge.

    Welcome to the north, outsider. Here in the far north, resources are scarce and manpower fierce. Many men once loyal to us have either gone rogue or perished in the frigid weathers falling onto us. You have joined us at an opportune time, my friend. Some dockmasters on one of the far northern outreaches have decide to be... less than co-operative, shall we say?

    I- We need you to go there. Destroy any key structures they have around their dockyards. That should get them under our control. Whilst you're razing, they might put up some resistance. Ensure there is no man, woman or dog standing under their rule and that their key infrastructure, like their town centre, recruitment buildings and fortresses fall with them.

    If you can do this, we shall be free to build a navy.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ardeshir
    Version: 1.0.0
    Played it and it was good fun
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