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    Hello there Celeste players! The Winter Event is finally upon us.

    Once you update your game, go to your Empire Store in your Capital City and find all the new quests for the event. Alternatively, you can access the Event content by going to Sparta. More detailed instructions below.

    You can find every detail regarding what's new in the event in the attached graphics! We hope that you all have lots of fun playing with friends during the event. :)

    So let's break down the details of the event in a question-based list:

    1. How do I access the special event content?

    2. What are the new contents available in the event?
    • 7 mini-game style Quests and 4 Legendary Quests, with awesome rewards.
      • Legendary: Ice King Mountain High Enough
      • Legendary: Winter Wonderland
      • Legendary: Run Rudolph Run
      • Legendary: There’s No Place like Paphos for the Holidays
        • This is our first experiment with using original Quests, changing them around slightly and presenting them in the theme of the event. We'd like to hear you guys' feedback on this style of event Quests so let us know in the comments what you think!
    • Reindeer Games
    • The Ice King is Coming to Town
    • Do you fear what I hear?
    • Home for the Holidays
    • Spreading Yuletide Cheer
    • Dash Away All
    • Hamel the Yuletide Camel

    • New PvP Quests with AWESOME rewards.
    • All-new Gear, Vanity Gear and Capital City decoration: The Ice and Winter Vanity Sets are back! Gingerbread Residences also make a return, alongside the all-new Legendary Capital City Decoration buildings, Igloos.

    • All-new Region with an exclusive store: Fortress of the Ice King (P.S. You might want to enable in-game music when you visit this region!)

    3. Where do I find the new PvE Quests?

    In the new Region, the Fortress of the Ice King


    4. Where can I get the new PvP Quests?

    In Sparta, from the Abominable Snowman next to the Statue of Dionysus.

    Note: When you accept the quest, you need to go to the Fortress of the Ice King, complete the "The Ice King Cometh!" quest, and then head back to Sparta to find the new event PvP quests from the Abominable Snowman Questgiver in Sparta.


    5. Can I get every event Item playing only PvP or only PvE?
    Yes! Everything is obtainable by playing either mode.

    (PF2K's Personal Note: Play PvP guys. PvP mode best mode!!!)


    6. What are Winter Points, what can I get with them and where do I spend them?
    Winter Points are the special currency of the Winter Event. You can use them to buy Vanity Gear, Capital City Decoration, Consumables, in addition to two of last year's Event Exclusive Gears all in the new Region's Store, Gingerbread Goodies.



    7. What are the Global Quests?

    They are quests that can be done in any game mode and inside any quest. They include, but are not limited to, the following types of quests:
    • Play Repeatable, Elite or Legendary Quests
    • Play Co-op Quests with your friends
    • Train, Kill and Convert enemy units in Ranked PvP matches.
    • Defeat special treasure guardians (Abominable Snowmen)

    8. How long will the event last?

    The Event is planned to last until 2020/02/01 00:00 UTC (February 1st). There has been a timer added to the sidebar on the Forums with a countdown, indicating how long you will have to play the Winter Event.


    9. What else is new?

    Alongside PvP Balance Patch #18, there is an entirely new Terrain Set, available on PvP and Skirmish maps. The Tundra Terrain Set. Check it out below!


    Additionally, there are 2 all-new PvP/Skirmish Maps available, Ghost Lake (A returning favorite from Age of Mythology) and Tundra. Check them out below!


    Thank you for reading, and we will see you all in the game soon!

    Project Celeste Development Team

    Project Celeste is completely free and always will be. However, we gladly accept donations for our overhead costs, which are larger than we have budgeted. If you want to support us, you can do so HERE.

    Tell your friends! Join our Discord HERE.


    VERY IMPORTANT: Creating additional accounts and multi-accounting is FORBIDDEN and will result in permanent bans for ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS, including your main account! One account per player only.

    For more information regarding in-game rules, please refer to the RULES page on our website.

    Let us know what you think about the event in the comments below!
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Discussion in 'News' started by PF2K, Dec 27, 2019.

    1. BamBam

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      Oh. I would build a bunch of fortresses, tcs, and towers right in front of the objective, then make a handful of mop-up units.
    2. Ardeshir

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      The two playstyles, side by side in the one game.

      I get I wasn't as fast as could be and that it's harder from position 1 and solo, but I'm not using a DHOC on my workers, nor particularly good gear on everything else. Getting a market to sell off excess wood/stone, and getting on the gold and super hunt near the lake as soon as you get 3tc+multiple extra rax+armory+couple extra towers down (or just mass tower like my ally) means you won't burn through everything maxing out.

      Pity it's over now though :D
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