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Discussion in 'Misc' started by levick, Mar 26, 2021.

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    Hi all,

    So I have had this issue for a while now, played with every setting, reinstalled, downgraded, upgraded nvidia drivers, etc, with no avail. So I started digging a bit and found several config files (I'm a developer myself) that seemed interesting: "...\Age Of Empires Online\startup\game.cfg" I see a ton of water, refelection and sun settings that is causing the problems for me. I figured out after a while that the sun is eithe rin the wrong position or some reflection or shaders are off. As if I rotate the map, the super huge white glow goes away. I wanted to fix this myself in my own user.cfg there (what is said in teh file to have my own user.cfg that will overrule the main cfg for myself) But no matter what I changed, made no change in the game after a restart. If I changed the game.cfg, it did not let me run the game (what is good, I just wanted to hack anyway :D :p). Can you guys point me in the direction on how to fix it or how to make the game read my user.cfg, so I can play around breaking stuff :D? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    (Btw, my config is decent: i7-7820HK with gtx1080 mobile 8GB (almost desktop grade) and 16gb ram with up-to-date drivers)

    This does not render the game unplayable but definitelly annoying nonetheless and makes it hard to see shallow, passable water. :'(

    Screenshots from the same position after rotating the game view, look at the water:

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