Unique Units using gear of another unit for stat boost?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MegaDerpLord, Jul 24, 2020.

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    It seems that Unique Unit advisor cards aren't used all that much especially when you reach max level. Especially considering that with legendary and epic gears you can make your standard tech tree units comparable if not outright better than a lot of unique units even at epic tier.

    A potential solution may be to allow for unique units to use the gear stat lines boost of another unit in your civ. I understand that this is all hypothetical and does not put into consideration if their are any technical limitations that would even prevent that from happening so this is all just a nice hypothetical

    I.e. Celt Headhunters using the gear line of the Celt Horseman to boost their base stats.
    Greek Phalanx using the Greek Spearmen gear line to boost their stats.

    I understand that from the get go that this can present a balance issue. If an Epic phalanx unit was to use my gear stat line on spearmen with all armory attack upgrades its melee DPS would be approximately 80.8 which would be pretty obscene for a cheap unit that can be trained in 5 seconds compared to my spearmen line which with all upgrades have 51 dps.

    So to balance it out what could be done is to reduce all unique unit stats to their common base line(white) and have each tier of advisor determine what percent to limit the final calculation of health, armor and attack dmg for unique units.Modifiers that effect training time and unit cost should not be limited however. If some gear increases or decreases costs that should not be modified.

    Common: Modifies final attack and health calc with gear stats at 50%
    Uncommon: at 60%
    Rare: at 70%
    Epic: at 75%

    So with these numbers applied a phalanx with base DPS of 21 that uses my current Spearmen stat line would have the following attack stats at these different tiers(this is with all attack armory upgrades):

    Common: 39.44 attack
    Uncommon: 47.33 attack
    Rare: 55 attack
    Epic: 59.17 attack

    For context: My spearmen gear that affects attack damage are the following(please don't judge harshly I don't play Greeks that much):

    Delian Preceptor spear: +61.6% damage boost
    Imhotep's gauntlets: +7.5% damage

    With all upgrades my spearmens attack is approx 51 dps. So with the limiter but also with gear stats boost unique units may potentially be comparable to the other normal tech tree units which may hopefully make them a more viable choice for max level players. It also potentially opens up another avenue of customization for players who just want to tinker with another unit all together. Or alternatively you could just nerf all the stat lines of unique units across the tiers of advisors.
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    Unfortunately, what you're suggesting isn't within the technical possibilities of the game.

    Additionally, we tend to leave Advisor Units alone, as Babylonians, Norse and the Romans do not have them.

    Nice read, though!
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    I really like some of the advisor units while levelling up. They typically have lower cost, and higher training speed. Coupled with Bandit Fortress consumables they can make levelling up a civ a lot more interesting until you have all your units unlocked, and geared.

    Is there somewhere we can look up the unit stats of advisor units? If you can't give them gear, would it be possible to tailor them for the levelling experience more, and perhaps add in some non-civ restricted advisors?
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    some ADVISORS of units, you could upgrade them by using the other free ADVISORS slots and mixing them with the milestones of other civilizations you could get slight improvements, but I am not very in favor of using these ADVISORS, at least if not used in low level missions
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