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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Hades173, Aug 10, 2023.

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    1. "Button to tribute materials for empire points directly from storage."
    2. "Add a save option to Milestones as advisor presets, with 6 or more options to choose from for a complete setup."
    3. "Introduce a feature where you can produce scouts from watch posts for 100 wood, 100 food, and 100 gold, limited to 4 scouts."
    4. "Change Indians' cloth armor to light armor for Elephant Archers."
    5. "Remove the function that takes you back to your capital when clicking OK on the sync error message."
    6. "Reintroduce the immortal legendary mask or make unavailable content accessible on Vanity Island."
    7. "The next civilization could be Asians featuring ninjas that use poisoned shurikens and swords. They possess a unique ability to cloak, but can't attack while invisible. After uncloaking, there should be a countdown timer before using this ability again. Other units include samurais, "mounted samurais"(Change for Mongolian Cavalry, cost 4 population per unit but spawn 2 each production), fire pot throwers with two versions: one similar to catapults, and another based on ship catapults for Age 4. Additionally, mounted archers with an extended range, even without gears and advisors. (Priest units are Shaolin Monks, when they are solo they fight and heal like celtic Druids, when have 2 or more they use meditation to convert, when add more covertion rate up 1 each monk in group for all monks)"
    Thanks for read.
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    Just gotta make the Asian civ one that's based off a real Chinese, Korean or other civilization that had contact with an existing faction. I'm not sure if ninjas and shaolin monks are "old" enough to be fitting for said civiliztions too.

    I like the rest of these ideas, like having a vanity version of a lot of the existing gear, particularly pieces that are no longer available or event gated. I've wondered if adding trainable scouts up to 1/2/4 at the stables, town center or outpost structure would be good for the game too.
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    I really liked that "Axe of the Ice King" for woads gave an optic of an Double-Edged Axe with the "icy effect". Same goes for Throwing Axeman used "Axe of the Piercing Frost" also had the optics of an Double-Edged Axe with the "icy effect". It used to looked very badass when throwing these. Just as an vanity option.
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