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    It's an honor to play this game again, thank you very much. So please read and comment on this post, I would like to know if you like these ideas.

    1- Colosseum Ranked Mission Pack

    This game mode is an extension of the city of Rome that allows players to face off using only a pre-selected unit before entering a match with 2 game modes: PVP and PVE solo and in group as gladiators. In the battle and survival modes, the rank is determined by the score based on each player's performance in battle mode or the group's performance in survival mode.

    Solo Single Unit 1 vs 1 battle: With an extensive list of heroic units to choose from, each player will have access to unique abilities of each hero to develop a battle that has a time limit of 10 minutes. At the end of the time without a winner, the Colosseum opens the traps and gates where mercenaries and beasts begin to attack the Gladiators until one is defeated first. The player who remains alive after the 10 minutes can still face as many mercenaries and beasts as possible until their end to obtain a better score.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Coop Single Units 2 vs 2 battle: A second combat mode based on the rules of Solo 1 vs 1 mode with a special feature, while the pair of players' units remain close, an additional damage and health bonus is guaranteed. If a unit dies or becomes distant, this bonus is lost.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Survival Solo: In this mode, your hero must survive for as long as possible with a time limit of 40 minutes, but we guarantee that this will not be possible. The longer the time survived and the more beasts and mercenaries defeated, the higher the score.

    Survival Team: The same conditions for the Survival solo mode with the damage and health bonus multiplied by the number of nearby heroic units. In Survival Team mode, it is possible to play 2, 3, and 4 players together. Each player's score is individual for downed units, but the score for survival time is shared among those who remain alive.

    The Rank reward includes all legendary items from Moe's Store, Crete, and Crypruss.

    2- Add icons to identify in each city which Quest givers for each Halloween/Summer/Winter event are available in each player-visited city.

    3- Add Bharam Lottery points to capital report with the current tickets and those registered from other lotteries.

    4- Combine all event points into a single total and be able to freely use previous points from all Halloween/Winter/Summer events in all events.

    5- When Disenchant is open, command Shift + right click to quickly disenchant like vendor and auto-collect.

    6- Implement a wanted board in your own capital city where you can collect prizes for completing every quest.

    7- Introduce new skins for every unit in all civilizations purely for appearance, with visual effects like lights, fire, shadows, smoke, etc.

    8- Display stats on gear hall similar to in quests.

    9- Implement a new option to automatically re-accept quests when they become available again without needing to visit the city before the quest.

    10- Introduce a War paint slot to all Celtic terrain units.

    11- Add a Shield slot to Norse units that appear holding a shield.

    12- Organize the empire vault alphabetically and provide a listing option by common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary items similar to the Global Market.

    13- In PVE, remove the unit limit for priest conversion.

    14- Add a toggle button to priests for healing only.

    15- Introduce Training Camp Building for Age 1 advisor Odysseus.

    Thanks for read.
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