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    As of writing this post, it has been two years since the last non-event grind for a legendary item was released, the Ashoka's Golden Gorget. While the Overflowing Fruit Basket and Extremely Tasty Carrot were released in July as part of the Tarsos rework, they are not a grind that is outside one region, so they do not keep long term players chasing for new loot. Thus, I suggest doing some changes to first help new players catch up with the old, then throw in a legendary item in the celeste drop table every three months or so, which would provide a chase worth the grind that would keep more dedicated players excited for treasure chests. For example, my legendary quick build watch post or mounted noose pole suggestions could have a drop rate 2.5x lower than Lens of Menes, and I would still gladly grind for these items, as they are very niche items, but they still provide a fun alternative to existing meta choices, which does not significantly harm new players out of clearing quests. This post also includes suggestions for epic and legendary clubs, but uncommon/rare clubs are not included.

    Addressing missing newer player essentials
    Before suggesting new legendary items, I would like to suggest revitalizing the loot tables with gear aimed more at new players. Currently if using level 40 chests as their main source of gear, new players are locked out of two types of gear for arguably a very crucial aspect of the game - LoS Gear, and Scout Specials.

    Initially, one of the reasons that six legendaries in the loot table were made moes exclusive, besides them being legendary variants of pre-40 items, was that they were clogging up the loot table. Now, with the introduction of weights for specific gear drop rates, this is no longer an issue, as the weight of these six items could simply be made lower because of how these items are usually only used on one unit per civilization. I think at this point, removing these items from moes and making them part of the celeste pool again would be fine, letting players earn LoS gear through legendary quests again, and also providing a somewhat new item people can grind for by simply questing and opening up legendary chests. In exchange, the icon would resemble the pre-moes version for the items in the legendary loot table, but any current items with the blue moes icon would retain it, providing a collectors item. Moes already received a substantial buff in profitability with the release of the dismantler letting players dismantle epic gear from moes for large sums of materials, so Moes will still remain a very profitable and rewarding coin sink. In exchange, I think less desirable items should receive stat buffs.

    Cuirass of Ashoka is the least listed item on the Global Marketplace (excluding roman toga, as proper logs for that are not kept), and Leucon's Armor has often been the highest value legendary not originally part of moes because of this. Thus, I suggest making it a more appealing choice at least for ranged medium armor siege, and even potentially useful for other units.

    Cuirass of Ashoka buff:

    Damage: +30.2%
    Infantry Armor: +25.37%
    Cavalry Armor: +25.37%
    Pierce Armor: +25.37%

    While Jupiter's Lightning Arrows is popular and a great choice on Merchant Transports, it is pretty bad for anything else, especially combat. I propose this damage buff (Speed stays the same).

    Jupiter's Lightning Arrows buff:
    Damage: +13.41%
    Move Speed: +2.61%

    Adding moes gear back into the celeste pool is not all that I suggest though, as this would still leave players left out of an easily accessible scout special besides Scouts Protector. Thus, I recommend adding in the other five scout specials as epic variants, which for the most part will be 20% stronger than their level 27 rare counterparts. These scout specials will pick up where the rares left off, so the lowest level variant of these scout specials will start at level 28, and will be available from all levels throughout. Stats will be given for level 40 variants.

    Spyglass (Level 40 stats):
    Epic Scout Special
    Available throughout levels 28-40.
    Line of Sight: +59.76%

    Mikey's Horse Shoes (Level 40 stats):
    Epic Scout Special
    Available throughout levels 28-40.
    Movement Speed: +23.16%

    The Forbidden Harvest (Level 40 stats):
    Epic Scout Special
    Available throughout levels 28-40.
    Damage: +212.9%

    Osiris' Bandages of the Underworld (Level 40 stats):
    Epic Scout Special
    Available throughout levels 28-40.
    Regeneration Rate: +7.26 hp/s

    Portable Watch Post (Level 40 stats):
    Epic Scout Special
    Available throughout levels 28-40.
    Buildings Construction Speed: +265.82%

    Epic Mummy Bandages has a slightly higher regeneration rate than Set's Sash, making it better for straight up engagements, but much worse at the actual scouting aspect. Epic Quick Build Watch Post also now provides general Buildings Construction Speed, so that it can make building barracks with the melee scout faster and opening more build options instead of keeping it limited for watch posts.

    In addition, with how rare Divine High Vizier's Robes are now, I think letting Memphis Militia Tunic drop up to level 40 will address that gap without changing the drop rates of DHV, as a level 40 Memphis Militia Tunic has +28.7% damage, which is near the damage offered by DHV. With the removal of Classic Legendary Chests from all quests except Marion, Vest of Theseus should also have a drop rate increase more on par with Tunic of Actaeon than Tunic of the Collector.

    By having Memphis Militia Tunic drop in Level 40 Chests, it solves the problem of players lacking an an affordable, close alternative for DHV, without requiring a change in DHV drop weights.
    New Legendary Gear Ideas

    Of course, while addressing gaps in progression for new players is important, another thing that is equally as important is making sure that long-term players have a grind to look forward, even if it is a small grind. I personally can attest that I grinded hours for the King Minos Radiant Shield even during the Winter Event, because a permanent grind available year round is very alluring, and finally acquiring a piece for a unique build feels satisfying. This is why I am suggesting having a new legendary item added in the celeste chests every three months or so, as it will keep more dedicated players looking forward for new gear without requiring too much effort, although of course some of these can be used for new farmable loot bundled with the Indians release, as well. High priority suggestions are suggestions I personally favor.
    High Priority:

    Rapid Build Watch Post:

    Legendary Scout Special
    Buildings Construction Speed: 332.28%

    Grip of Hades:
    Legendary Scout Special
    Damage: +266.2%

    Neptune's Armor of the Waves
    Legendary Light Armor
    Health: +87%

    Hephaestus' Bronze Torch
    Legendary Scout Special
    Health: 45%
    Damage: 177.42%
    Buildings Construction Speed: 138.45%

    Hermes' Winged Boots
    Legendary Soldiers' Gear
    Cost: +21.69%
    Movement Speed: +36.88%

    Black Iron Glyphic Sidings
    Legendary Armor Plating
    Melee-Infantry Armor: +169.2%
    Crush Armor: +33.3%

    Odin's Blessed Axe of Thunderfury:
    Legendary Great Axe
    Damage: +62.9%
    Movement Speed: +12%

    Zeus' Lightning-Imbued Makhaira
    Legendary Sword
    Damage: +46%
    Movement Speed: +12%

    Horus' Long Spear of Flight
    Legendary Heavy Spear
    Damage: +62.9%
    Movement Speed: +12%

    Thoth's Sacred Beads
    Legendary Religious Item
    Cost: -18%

    Sobek's Scale Studded Armor
    Legendary Medium Armor
    Melee-Infantry Armor: +169.87%
    Melee-Cavalry Armor: +20.54%
    Bonus Damage Protection: +10.78%

    Lower Priority:

    Unnamed Legendary Warpaints for various armor types:

    Either Melee-Infantry, Melee-Cavalry, or Pierce Armor: +40%

    Legendary Variants of Ra's Gem Studded Armor and proposed equivalents that switch Melee-Infantry Armor with Melee-Cavalry Armor, and the same for Melee-Cavalry with Melee-Infantry.

    Arduinna's Hunting Javelin
    Legendary Javelin
    Damage: +20%
    Ranged Bonus Damage: +40%
    Maximum Range: +20%

    Bast’s Lion-Hilted Khopesh
    Legendary Sword
    Health: +48.4%
    Pierce Armor: +12.56%
    Damage: +8.34%

    Aries' Reinforced Headbutt:
    Legendary Ram Head
    Health: +87%

    Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so ask other members if more ideas are necessary!
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    Club Ideas for Indians release
    It goes without saying, but these ideas are not the be-all end all, especially for pre-40 clubs. Since most of my suggestions will be using other items as a basis because clubs are heavily based on Great Axes, I will reference them and their internal name for easy reference. Because of this, I will also avoid suggesting Uncommon/Rare clubs, as they should be straightforward enough for allocating stats from similar categories.
    Epic Clubs

    Bhima's Weighy Gada
    Epic Club
    Levels 17-21
    Uses stats from Setma's Snake-Tooth Spear ("Spear2H_E001"), but switch Melee-Cavalry Armor and Cavalry Bonus Damage with Melee-Infantry Armor and Infantry Bonus Damage, respectively.

    Note that it is available from level 17, because many level 20 questlines start by awarding level 17 loot.

    Frenzied Gada of the Asura
    Levels 22-26
    Uses stats from Ravager's Axe of the Jackal ("Axe2H_E002")

    Cletus' Brutal Club
    Levels 27-31
    Uses stats from Bloody Butcher's Great Axe ("Axe2H_E004")

    Weighty Bat
    Levels 32-36
    Uses stats from Egyptian Champion's Axe ("Axe2H_E010")

    Trusty Club (Already Exists)
    Levels 37-40
    Already exists, so just use the existing item stats. Fills the raw damage slot for clubs.

    Ashoka's Ceremonial Gada
    Levels 37-40
    Uses stats from Golden Winged Axe of Ra ("Axe2H_E009").
    Legendary Clubs
    Shiva's Burning Maul

    Damage: +75.44%
    Critical Hit Chance: +6.51%

    Blessed Club of Autolycus
    Damage: +62.9%
    Health: +21%

    Crushing Wrecking Ball
    Damage: +67%
    Infantry Bonus Damage: +35%

    Mauryan Royal Gada (Store Item in Indians Quest Pack?)
    Damage: +75.44%
    Melee-Infantry Armor: +26%
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