Spartan's 2v2 Supremacy & Return King of the Hill Replays!

Discussion in 'PvP Challenges/Tournaments' started by Ardeshir, Feb 5, 2023.

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    Hows it going folks,

    Spartan has been running some events for PvP on the weekends recently, make sure to tune in to his stream and the Sparta or PvP Discords to keep up to date with upcoming games!


    2v2 Supremacy 21/01/23:
    2v2 Supremacy - Match 1: Eery + Carnage vs Eshwar + EKA
    2v2 Supremacy - Match 2: Greeky + Ares vs Carnage + Eery

    King of the hill tournament 15/01/23

    I'll link the last 2 weekends matches in another thread soon :)
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