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    Greetings, fellow Celeste players!

    We are very excited to bring you the first new feature that is done completely from scratch by the Celeste Development Team, the Spartan Reforge.

    What is the Spartan Reforge, you say?

    As you know, most pieces of equipment in Age of Empires Online have varied stats. This means that when you find a piece of gear in loot chests, sometimes it can have lower stats than the item's base stats. Well, in case of legendary gear, you don't have to deal with that anymore! Now with the Spartan Forge, you can try your luck at getting better stats on your gear.

    - How does it work?
    First, you go to the Sparta Region. Then you can find the Spartan Forge. Click on the building to open the Reforge menu. Drag and drop your item from your inventory. There you will see your item's Power Level, which is an indicator of how close your item is towards its maximum possible stats.
    If you're feeling lucky, press the Reforge button to have a shot at re-rolling your item's stats!

    - What currency do I need to use to reforge my gear?
    The Spartan Forge uses Empire Points. The cost for reforging each piece of gear goes up every time you do it, and it is tracked separately for each item.

    Once you reforge your item, it can no longer be traded.

    - Can I reforge pieces of gear I have already equipped?
    Yes you can!

    - Does reforging guarantee that I will get better stats every time?

    No - every time you reforge your item, it will completely reroll the stats on it, meaning that you can get better or worse stats every time you do it, and it isn't linked to your previous attempts at all.

    - Can I reforge all kinds of gear?
    No - Only Legendary gear can be reforged, and there are some Legendary items that cannot be reforged due to having non-varied stats. These include:

    • Cyprus Legendary Items (bought from the store at Cyprus)
    • Alliance Gear (Delian League, Council of Imhotep and Legion of Carthage Stores' Legendary items)
    • Event Gear (Zahhak's Sword of the Undying, Ice King's Gear, and future items)
    • Questline Completion Rewards (such as Athena's Long Spear, rewarded to every player for completing the Athens Questline, and the upcoming Norse Pack's Questline reward)

    What do you think about the new Reforge feature? What kind of other new features are you looking forward to? Does any of the upcoming new features showcased at our Development Roadmap for 2019 get you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

    Thanks, and see you in the game!

    - Celeste Development Team
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Discussion in 'News' started by PF2K, Apr 20, 2019.

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      That's basically what I meant. The way loot rolls work in hacknslash/arpg games.

      Another rough example would be:
      Items in x slot (say helm) have y (lets go with 3) number of stats. For uncommon to epic gear stat 1 can be damage/snare/specific damage, stat 2 can be crit chance/range/health, stat 3 can be LoS/conversion resistance/bonus damage reduction. For legendary helms, they get a pre-chosen stat (still with varied roll on value) for stat 3 that can be other than LoS/CR/BDR.

      Of course, how to best split the stats across stat 1/2/3/4, and how these stat ranges could compare with drops already in-game (make them weaker or equiavlent to current BiS for better pre endgame gearing or make them stronger for encouraging gear creep to go with content/difficulty creep) is another discussion lol
    2. Morten

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      Can't get it to work :S
      Dragging item, and trying to drop it in the box, but it wont let me!
    3. Jeinx

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      You have to hold the left mouse button on the item the whole time, only releasin it when the item is over the entry slot in the reforge for the item.
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