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    Hello, there are some ideas that everyone might like to enhance the gaming experience:

    • Blueprint for Dismantler to be built in your Capital City.

    • Item stats should have a description with little icons indicating which material will be obtained when using the dismantler.

    • Crafting consumables should provide an option to choose the desired quantity (from 1 to a full stack) instead of creating one each time.

    • Implement a magnetic move feature for stacks of materials, consumables, and blueprints, which automatically combines them with existing stacks in the inventory when taken from production, the Empire Vault, or stores.

    • Add an "Accept All" button for quest givers.

    • Provide an option to click "Ready" when you are Player 2 and Player 1 starts a Coop game. This allows for some free time to make changes before starting the game.

    • Building historical line blueprints in your capital should generate 30 EP (Empire Points) per day.

    • Introduce red-type gears for rent, which have a one-week duration. They come in a kit of 10 gears, offering a similar performance to legendary options and featuring visually appealing effects such as light and fire. After the week is over, there should be a cooldown period of another week before they can be rented again.

    • Include an option to choose a personal color while playing, so even if your friend chooses the same color, you will see them with a different one. This option can be set in your own capital city before starting the game and will affect the color of your capital.

    • Add a button to set a second rally point for auto sacrificial deers and sheeps that spawn automatically.

    • Allow multiple buildings to start upgrades simultaneously when two or more are selected.

    • Display production and upgrade icons at the top of the screen, showing the time remaining and the number of units in production.

    • Include a button to switch back to "Online" mode when accidentally clicked on "Offline."
    Common bugs encountered after certain quests:

    • Sound disappears (More likely to occur in "The Elite Meet in Crete" and "Legendary Archives" quests).

    • White textures appear on the quest map window, trade window, main menu, civilization selection screen, and sometimes on loading screens.
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    I like some of these ideas and don't like others but it's good to see some new suggestions

    Really like this idea, plus the reforging station, and maybe buildings with the vanity island vendors?

    I think this is already being investigated, though it's a back-end mess around to get working properly

    I like this, but I think it's in the same category as the previous suggestion I've quoted

    I don't know about daily, given that it starts to really force the whole "logging in just to get a reward for logging in" as you'd have to log in and civswap 7 times every day to truly maximise the benefit. Logging in on any civ daily for the current daily login reward is enough for the "positive" engagement aspect of such a system. Though maybe a weekly or something similar to how the materials workshops generate mats? Still, I think it'd be cool to have a very tiny ep or coin (not both) trickle from some form of vanity for the capital city.

    Interesting idea to have temporary itemization, much like a consumable gear, or how some "best in slot" gear functions in other titles like WarFace. The question is should it be on par with average legendaries for the slot, the best legendaries in the slot, or should it be even better? I guess

    There is a really nice graphic in the dismantler now to learn what materials drop from what item type. While it would be nice to get the mats displayed in the item tooltip, I think it'd look messy having it actually display the amounts of the drops

    This would be wicked. Like the macro/economy rally point and the army/queen rally point of a starcraft zerg hatchery

    This would be real good
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    Wow, I just was thinking about half of these things since I started playing again last 2 weeks, cause they always disturbed my playthroughs haha. For some I am not sure though.

    I for one do not like equipment with a timer.
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