Replace the win requirement in Sparta with 1-5 more games

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ardeshir, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Hey folks,
    Thought I might step forward and make the suggestion. Seen a few folks gripe about it in general chat, and it makes sense to me. Basically, the 5 game 1 win requirement for placement rewards is offputting to the really new, inexperienced pvpers. It does not encourage uptake of pvp and "casuals playing more games" in it's current stage imo. Getting 5 5-15minute losses in a row against people from ladder regulars to upper tier tournament players is only fun for people like me (main focus on self improvement and/or growing pvp), and a potential every-season reality for the really casual players, that immediately kills their drive to play, knowing that it's a diceroll to even qualify for the 7500/125 participation reward. I would suggest removing the wins requirement, and game the games played requirement anywhere from 6 to 10 games (possibly raising the required game time to count, if it's too abuseable, I know about the rammifications with doing so potentially hurting players who rush, so only bump it up in minute or half-minute increments if needed).

    Note (as I've had this argument multiple times in general chat already): I do not want to remove reward scaling (giving the tiered rewards that encourage climbing), but I would be happy to suggest across-the-board nerfs to pvp rewards, bringing them down to Crete equivalents, if we were to branch into the discussion of whether it's too much or not enough.
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    Yeah totally agree, I have only now just noticed from your thread and checking Sparta, that the requirement for any rewards is for a win also, I read it originally as 5 games played or a win. It contradicts whats stated in the Sparta PvP Arena Rewards graphic > "Participation" 7500 coin & 125 EP & Chest. Surely participation is exactly that, participating and as stated above by Aredshir, I'm sure some newer players will gripe about this and not be bothered continuing. Personally I'm still waiting on a win and I'm sure it'll happen but at least I'm playing a few games here and there and enjoying it, so this event has got even me interested and playing PvP for the fun and learning aspect.

    Maybe consider for future events that participating for a certain amount for games regardless of wins/losses as Ardeshir has said already, along with a new PvP Starter incentive for new players only, on maybe an ongoing basis such as first 10 games played rewards an Epic Chest/ or 100EP, first 50 games played Leg Chest/350EP, first 100 games a Celeste Chest/700 EP or something along these lines with some sort of game time/population limits or similar to avoid any abuse. For any regular and advanced players current type tournaments should suffice for rewards but also attract new players.
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    I had no issue playing my best (and losing) when the placement requirement was to just play (win or lose). The moment they added the 1 win requirement was the moment I stopped queuing for PVP.

    So I whole-heartedly agree to remove the requirement of a single win to earn rewards. As that means you either have to find someone to trade wins with, or have to just luck out with our tiny pool of less than 400 PVPers across the server.
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