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    This is a Work In Progress guide. A complete understanding of how quest objectives work is still not fully understood by the post's author.

    There are a few different types of objectives the game can understand. For examples, please see the sited pages
    • <dummy> = These exist to allow for objective dialogs when they are not otherwise able to be stated in the objective type

    • <kill> = These are often used for a kill count objective
    • <reduceunitsto> = This is most often used to state a lose condition, as in <type>LogicalTypeNeededForVictory</type> paired with <causesfailure>true</causesfailure>. Can be used to note an optional of "reduce enemy's X to Y" as in the case of the Legendary Holy Man quest.
    • <timer> = These may be set either at the top of the quest file via <timer> for main objectives, or at the bottom via a MapVariable as <variable name="TimeFailedMinutes" type="Int">20</variable>
    • <buildunit> = This is how train units or buildings works, in contrast to ownsunit.
    • <population> = Used to require the player have a set amount of the total population cap utilized.
    • <tribute> = This is used to require resources sent to a different player.
    • <collectmaterial> = similar to collect total # of resources (see above), but requires the depletion of specific resources.
    • <unitinarea> = This is for either "Bring unit to" or "Build structure at" quests.
    • <unitdiscovered> = This is used primarily for "go talk to NPC X in the world" quests. Such as those that direct the player to new regions.
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