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    Just as I was looking to try minimize the amount of time I spend involved with the game I got into an argument on 4chan's strategy board with a random that's donated to the server before, about why there hasn't yet been an ad campaign. He and others are under the impression that Celeste devs are "really against putting the word out there for the server" (his own words, slightly out of context, but word-for-word).

    It got me thinking, no amount of me (or you) shilling rebbit, age of other-games-in-the-series-pires forums, facebook, rts sanctuary, esoc, ozbargain (and both it's New Zealand and Indonesia spin-off versions), ausgamers and elsewhere, about content releases and organized PvP for the past 4 years has had a noticeable impact on new players or existing player retention, however...

    Facebook, reddit, 4chan, youtube and other digital advertising can reach a helluva lot more people through different subsections of the corresponding site. And it also won't incur diminishing returns on reach. It's no secret that the harder you shill across different subreddits, facebook groups and so on, the less facebook/reddit/etc will actually suggest your post to users that fall into the right psychographic (never thought I'd use that word outside of university exams, but here we are) for the content in order to both combat spam and scams, and entice buying advertising campaigns.

    I can't be Australia's most bona fide rightwing shitposter on facebook, and also use my facebook page to minmax Celeste advertisement space either. I spent about 70% of 2020-2022 with some form of account restriction lol. Not to mention it runs the risk of polarizing potential players into not playing because "the promoter is political, and not my side of politics waaaah". That, and the fact that most groups that allow advertising on facebook and discord especially exist purely so some *omitted* can sell garbage graphics or channel optimization to people looking to promote actual content or get a follow/like/subscribe/share/etc for their own 3 video meme channel.

    All I'm saying is think about it, but then follow up and do it pls. Can't kick the can down the road forever on this.

    I know there might be plans to wait for a hard date for the Indian civ release to do one, but from memory, the same thing was planned for the Roman release, and the closest thing we got was some videos about the Romans on the Celeste channel.

    It doesn't have to be some several hundred dollars a month campaign. A campaign using the minimal reach+payment settings for each site will still have a huge impact in reaching the RTS players bored of their current game, or former MS-days players that still don't know about Celeste. Though lets be honest, anyone that's put 2 seconds into actually looking for AoEO's revival has already found it. I found out via a starcraft 2 subreddit post years back, hence why I've stuck with promoting on social media all this time.

    Lemme know what you think. Sorry to get a bit personal but I was kinda planning on getting stoned and playing soccer football this afternoon, rather than typing this out while the Battlefield 1942 community asks me to glue back together their 20+ year old community from the other side of the world to 90% of them :cool::rolleyes::Do_O
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    Bro you can literally pay 5 dollars of Facebook, reach like i think it was 5k people or so. To appear in their feed as 'Suggested" ad. Now lets say u put 50 $.

    This is how me and my band used to self-promote so the page gets more likes, people hear the tracks/covers (we were a cover band), people suggest us, also clubs see the "suggestion" in their feed as a targeted audience. And we got recognized in about a month or so and started playing in different towns.

    This is the easiest path. And this project needs this because 30-100 players is not gonna last long.
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    I would like to see more players and if it is possible there should be advertisment. I would try to help the best as i can!
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