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    Hello there,

    my suggest is for a new class of consumable. In general name is "Reset cooldowns" of all consumable classes.

    Please, be tolerant about suggest, I haven't got exactly data regarding of frequency use consumables across the classes.

    Ok let's go.

    Class consumable: Number 4

    Combination, function and their cooldowns of the reset cooldowns consumables.

    1. Reset cooldown of first class ---> 10 minutes
    2. Reset cooldown of second class ---> 10 minutes
    3. Reset cooldown of third class ---> 10 minutes
    4. Reset cooldown of first and second class ---> 15 minutes ?
    5. Reset cooldown of first and third class ---> 15 minutes ?
    6. Reset cooldown of second and third class ---> 15 minutes ?

    Materials, Recipes and Crafting chool. So that it has been balanced for every crafting school and materials.

    add 1. 13x Cypress wood 13x Mynoan Tools 13x Knossos Marble| Special ability: First Time of need | Infantry school
    add 2. 80x Pure Gold Ingot 80x White Honey 10x Silk Cloth | Special ability: Second Time of need | Archery school
    add 3. 80x Obsidian Blocks 80x Arctic Fox Furs 10x Archimedes' Tools | Special ability: Third Time of need | Calvarly school
    add 4. 120x Pure Gold Ingot 120x Guayacan Planks 30x Illuminated Codexes | Special ability: Double the first Time of need | Craftsmen school
    add 5. 120x Guayacan Planks 120x Obsidian Blocks 30x Philosopher's Stone | Special ability: Dlouble the second Time of need | Engineering school
    add 6. 120x White Honey 120x Arctic Fox Furs 30x Flawless Diamonds | Special ability: Double the third Time of need | Religion school

    Or it is good for a new Indian civilization such as Agriculture school.

    I think, that it is good idea for spending materials and enjoy the most consumables.

    Thank for your time and I'm open for discussion.
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