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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by stArt2Rule, Oct 30, 2023.

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    Hey all, having been an active player in the AOEO events for several years, I particularly look forward to the annual winter event. I love the stunning landscapes, engaging quests, and of course, the unique gear it brings. I've recently come up with a suggestion about the event (and other AOEO events) that I'd like to share.

    Currently, crafting event gear is a straightforward process involving the collection of ice shards, obtained from global events or quests, to create an ice heart. This ice heart is then used to craft event gear. What if we expanded the event crafting system by introducing new event materials? These materials could be exclusively obtained by completing optional objectives in the winter quests.

    For the event gear, perhaps it could demand multiple materials plus the ice shards (or whatever main crafting ingredient the event has).

    Another idea might be to include different optional objectives within a single quest. These objectives could be mutually exclusive, meaning you can't complete them all in one go and would reward you with event items that are used to craft event gear (every optional giving you different materials) Depending on the specific winter material a player is aiming for, they would have to choose which optional objective to pursue. This would create some variation in quests that are played heavily and would give players valid reason to defer from their usual tactics.

    Would love to hear what everyone thinks.
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